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Annandale Campus Committees: 2014-2015

Achieving the Dream (ATD) Committee

The role of the ATD Committee is to make recommendations to the administration on techniques and strategies to improve persistence, retention and success by helping students to address the following areas: successfully complete the courses they take; advance from remedial to credit-bearing courses; enroll in and successfully complete gatekeeper courses; enroll from one semester to the next; and earn degrees and/or certificates.

Members and Minutes

Green Festival Committee

The role of the Green Festival Committee is to plan (along with community agencies) and host an annual event promoting environmental awareness and celebrating Earth Day.

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Beautification Committee

The role of the Beautification Committee is to enhance and beautify the Annandale Campus by advocating to the campus community a high standard of involvement with the cleanliness, maintenance and attractiveness of the campus, and by making semi-yearly recommendations to the Provost regarding priorities for campus beautification projects.

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Bookstore Committee

The role of the Bookstore Committee is to bring together the user and seller of books (and other educational materials) such that books (and other educational materials) will be available in the right number and right kind in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

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Campus Marketing Committee

Outreach activities and marketing supporting campus in promotion to develop and maintain a positive image and to assist with increasing student enrollment, retention, and graduation.

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Food Services Committee

The role of the Food Services Committee is to discuss food service concerns, issues, ideas and suggestions for improvement.

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Green Committee

The role of the Green Committee is to empower faculty, staff and students to become more environmentally aware by providing information and methods that promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Members and Minutes

Honors Committee

The role of the Campus Honors Committee is to implement the policies of the College-wide NOVA Honors Program on the Annandale Campus. This includes approving Honors course proposals, awarding scholarships and grants, and promoting NOVA Honors to our best and brightest students.

Members and Minutes

International Committee

The role of the International Committee is to address ways to ensure that our international students become acclimated to the norms and culture of the College and the local community. The committee will work with the College staff to host and serve as goodwill ambassadors for international visitors.

Members and Minutes

Lyceum Committee

The role of the Lyceum Committee is to plan and host educational, social and cultural enrichment activities for faculty, students and staff.

Members and Minutes

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee, formerly called Marketing, advises and supports the campus in its promotion activities to develop and maintain a positive image and to assist with increasing student enrollment, retention and graduation.

Members and Minutes

Recognition and Fun Committee

The role of the Recognition and Fun Committee is to establish activities, events and programs to acknowledge and celebrate award, accomplishments and contributions of faculty and staff. The Committee creates opportunities for recreational and leisure activities to provide balance to the stressful lives of faculty and staff.

Members and Minutes

Retention Committee

The role of the Retention Committee is to advise and make recommendations on programming, initiatives, and services that will impact the recruitment and retention of students. Specific Task: Draft a two-year retention plan for the campus. Implement, monitor and evaluate Early Alert.

Members and Minutes

Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and ADA Compliance Committee (SEPAC)

The Safety, Emergency Preparedness and ADA Compliance Committee (SEPAC) periodically reviews campus safety policies and procedures consistent with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Governor's executive order number 44 of 2007. The committee stays informed about emergency response plans within the local jurisdiction that are applicable to the campus. In addition, the committee seeks to promote an active interest on the part of all campus personnel in the practice of a safer working environment. Fire inspections and drills, health, safety and hazard checks, accident investigations, safety bulletins and looking at facilities and programs of the campus to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and regulations are all appropriate duties of this committee. The committee advises the College Emergency Planning Committee and makes appropriate recommendations to the campus provost.

Members and Minutes

Teaching, Learning & Technology Roundtable (TLTR)

The role of the TLTR is to bring together representatives from across the campus community in order to assess the current state of campus technology in support of teaching and learning, explore and evaluate new technologies for supporting teaching and learning, and, facilitate better planning, decision making, and support for faculty and students regarding the implementation and use of technologies in teaching and learning. This includes the design and allocation of classrooms to incorporate developments in technology and pedagogy.

Members and Minutes

Welcome Week Committee

The role of the Welcome Week Committee is to provide information and host activities for new and returning students to foster a sense of community and to engage students such that they become involved in curricular and co-curricular events.

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Outreach Committee

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