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Campus Council Members: 2011-2012



Vice Chair

Administrative Faculty
Bruce Mann Dean of the Liberal Arts Division
Dr. Abe Eftekhari* Dean of Math, Science & Engineering
Dr. Andrew Goldstein* Evening Administrator & Coordinator
Charlotte Calobrisi Dean of Languages and Literature
Classified Staff
Geraldine Clemons Administrative Assistance - MSE
Marc Robinson Enrollment Service Specialist
Felicia Blakeney* Career Service Specialist
Robin Pachtman Library Media Specialist
Teaching and Professional Faculty
Nan Peck Communication Studies
Paul Fitzgerald Natural Science
Jill Caporale Natural Science
Cheri Bridgeforth English as a Second Language
Elizabeth Dellavedova Library
Charlie Dy* Counselor
Stewart Edwards* Assistant Dean of Business Management
Memuna Sillah Languages and Literature
Vicky White** Counselor
Jennifer Rainey Communications
Adjunct Faculty
Christina Kunkel

Shirley N. Nuhn

Cherise Britt
SGA President 2012 - 2013

** Campus representatives to Senate
* Senate alternates

If you have comments, concerns or items you would like to see placed on the agenda, please contact your area Campus Council representative.