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Campus Council Members: 2009-2010

Nancy Chamberlain ** Chair
Martin Bredeck Vice Chair
Judy Benavides Secretary
Teaching and Professional Faculty
Cheri Bridgeforth * Languages and Literature
Sumitava Chatterjee * Math, Science and Engineering
Rashmi Chilka Liberal Arts
Charlie Dy * Co-Curr Programs & Services
Ron Earley Liberal Arts
Amy Gilley Liberal Arts
Rima Gulshan Languages and Literature
Karen Lesser Math, Science and Engineering
Kevin Simons ** Learning Resource Services
Kimberly Wright ** Student Development
Administrative Faculty
Joyce Bryant Counseling
Judith Gustafson Information & Instructional Support Services
Robert Vaughn * Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Ellen Wertman ** Learning Resource Services
Classified Staff
Renée Kesner ** Information & Instructional Support Services
Joyce Kuykendall Information & Instructional Support Services
Howard Treichler * Information & Instructional Support Services

** Campus representatives to Senate
* Senate alternates

If you have comments, concerns or items you would like to see placed on the agenda, please contact your area Campus Council representative.