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Leadership Training

Every NOVA student has the potential to become a great leader. The Office of Student Activities seeks to assist potential student leaders in identifying their own unique strengths, values, beliefs and attitudes. In addition, our staff develops workshops to provide practical information on topics such as: establishing goals and objectives, organizing programs, delegating tasks and managing conflict.

Leadership training opportunities provided at NOVA include:

College-Wide Leadership Orientation

This all-day leadership training program held in September involves current and potential student leaders from all six campuses, focusing on leadership styles, abilities, values and attitudes. The program, usually held at an off-campus site, focuses on the importance of leadership teams.

Campus Leadership Workshops

Topics include defining the mission or purpose; clarifying roles, negotiating conflict, conducting effective meetings, fundraising, advertising/promotion, organizing events and managing funds.

VCCS Student Leadership Conference

Student leaders from all six campuses participate in the annual state-wide VCCS Student Leadership Conference. They attend workshops, hear motivational speakers and have opportunities to network with student leaders from other community colleges.

Student Government Leadership Meetings

The Student Government Association organizes monthly meetings with leaders of student organizations to create opportunities to share information and concerns, and create opportunities for shared projects and initiatives between student organizations.

One-on-One Advising/Resources

The Office of Student Activities staff is available for individual advising on leadership and community service opportunities, information on starting student organizations, and resources available to students interested in getting involved in leadership and service activities.