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Science, Technology and Business Division

Welcome to the Science, Technology and Business Division at the Alexandria Campus website.

The purpose of the Science, Technology and Business Division is to develop student's academic competence to enable success in higher education and in the workplace. The division offers courses in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics), Mathematics, Business (Accounting, Business, Finance and Marketing) and occupational/ technical areas (Automotive, IT, Architecture and Engineering Technology). These courses satisfy certificate and degree requirements at NOVA and can transfer to other institutions of higher education.

Come in and discuss your options in your area of interest with us. We invite you to explore the Web pages of our full-time faculty listed below.


Alexandria Campus
Room AA 0352
5000 Dawes Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: 703.845.6551 (day) or x4621 (evening)
Fax: 703.845.6006

Division Dean

Dr. Chad Knights, Dean

Administrative Staff

Office Manager

Coreda Clark

Endia Holmes
*evenings and weekends

Nita Arguelles

Bea Curtis
*evenings and weekends

Hugh C. Vu

Assistant Deans/Program Heads

Geoffrey Brown
Automotive, Auto Body

Dr. Katherine Burton

Emilia Butu
Mathematics, Computer Science

Timothy Dickinson
Administration of Justice

Michael Ghorbanian
Drafting, Engineering Technology, Building/Construction Management

Dr. Margaret Emblom-Callahan
Biology, Natural Science

Harvey Liebman
Joyce McMillan

Rieann Spence-Gale
Accounting, Administrative
Support Technology, Business
Management and Administration,
Contract Management, Finance,
Marketing and Real Estate

Richard Steele
Physical Education

Dr. Tatiana Stantcheva

Steve Ward
Information Technology

Dr. Victor Zabielski

Faculty Advisors

Courses of Study/Programs