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Placement Information

  • Before you may take a placement test to determine the level of English you are qualified for, you must submit an application to the college. Submit your application to the Office of Admissions and Records, Room AA229. The application can be found at the beginning of the schedule of classes each semester and at
  • After you have submitted the application, the Admissions Office will give you a computer print-out of the form. Bring that print-out with you to the Testing Center, in room AA332, where you will take the test.
  • Hours for the Testing Center and samples for these tests are located at These are computerized exams that must be completed in one sitting. Therefore, students need to begin the English placement test two hours prior to the Testing Center's closing time.
  • If English is your Second Language, you should take the ACCUPLACER (ESL) placement test. No appointment is required for this test, but you must follow Testing Center Guidelines.

Retaking Placement Exams

  • The English test is valid for three years. You may retest after one year. However, you may not retest if you have taken an English course within the previous six months.
  • Your ESL placement is valid for 1 year. If you place into the ESL program (placement levels 2-7) and enroll in NOVA courses, you may not retake the test. If you place into the ESL program (placement levels 2-7), but do not register for classes, you may retake the test after 1 year. If you do not place into the ESL program (placement RCE), then you may retest after 6 months.
  • For any exceptions to the above, you must have written permission from the English department.