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The Collective Voice

The Collective Voice is the independent student newspaper at NOVA's Alexandria Campus. The purpose of paper is to provide vital news about the college to the entire campus community, to provide a forum for free expression on issues of concern to students and others on campus, and to serve as an outlet for creative work. The Collective Voice is student-run and student-written, providing a practical training ground for students seeking experience in the field of journalism.

The Collective Voice seeks participation from diverse voices on campus. All interested students are invited to submit their material to be considered for publication. Those interested in writing news and feature stories, reviews and commentary pieces or in joining the regular newspaper staff should contact the student editor-in-chief or managing editor. Those wishing to submit letters to the editor may send these by email or leave them in The Collective Voice mailbox in the Office of Student Activities. There is also a drop box at the campus information desk. In addition to written work, cartoons about politics, culture, school policy or campus life are welcomed. Students with graphic art and photography skills are always needed.