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Liberal Arts Division


Dr. Jimmie McClellan
Dean for Liberal Arts

The dawn of the twenty-first century illuminated a world unrecognizable to our ancestors. It is a world interdependent and interconnected, a world where anything that happens anywhere can affect everyone everywhere. To see the world more clearly in the light of this new age, come study with us at the Alexandria Campus.

The Alexandria Campus is a world campus. We are the most ethnically and racially diverse place of learning in Virginia.  We have students from 160 of the world’s nations in our classrooms. Our graduates are to be found everywhere on the globe. Governments may quarrel, but peoples from all races and all nations -- even those whose home countries may be warring-- come here to learn together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and peace.

The Liberal Arts Division within the Alexandria Campus is a good place to study where humanity has been, where it is, and where it might be going. It is a good place to gain skills and insights useful in shaping both a personal future and the future of humanity.

We offer courses in Global Studies, International Relations, Comparative Politics, World Literature, Environmental Studies, International Economics, Histories of Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Western Civilization, Religions of the World, International Business, Conflict Resolution, Music and Art Appreciation, Intercultural Communications, Micro and Macro Economics, Anthropology and Sociology, Cross Cultural Psychology and many more directed at creating a better understanding of the world around us.

We are home to the largest English as a Second Language program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We offer fourteen of the world’s languages, including the ten most widely spoken.

The Institute for Public Service, a unit within the Liberal Arts Division, places students from America and from around the world in internships in the Washington area institutions that influence community, national, and world policies. The Institute sponsors forums on topics important globally and locally and works to apply the resources of the Alexandria Campus to projects that promote the public good. Within a ten mile radius of the Alexandria Campus are the embassies of 190 nations, the Pentagon, State Department, and the headquarters of dozens of international organizations. Many of our students work in this international environment and many of our teachers have experience within it.

Division Photos

Room AA 252
3001 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: 703.845.6241 or x6242

Division Dean
Dr. Jimmie McClellan

Administrative Staff

Samuel Rosado Rodriguez
Office Manager


Azza Ahmed
Administrative Assistant

Sah Ara Sanu-t
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Jose Zalles II
Administrative Assistant

Abdulhakim Ali
Administrative Assistant

Marlene Ibar
Administrative Assistant

Assistant Deans

Dr. Ivy Beringer
Childhood Development, Human Services and Education

Dr. Sue Jean Cho
History, Political Science and Social Sciences

Dr. Laura Franklin
World Languages (including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Ancient Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Latin, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese)

Elizabeth (Lisa) Hill
Communication Design

Brenda Lewis-Holmes
Communications Studies and Theatre

Dr. Jonathan Kolm
Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier
Economics, Geography, Psychology and Sociology>

Sarah Raymond
Photography and Media

Peter Ruffner
English as a Second Language

Bill Schran
Fine Arts

Jarrod Waetjen / Shonette Grant
Developmental English, English, Humanities, Linguistics, Philosophy and Religion

Tauheeda Yasin
English as a Second Language

Courses of Study/Programs:

Women's Center