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Academic Divisions - Alexandria

Explore the academic divisions and programs offered at Northern Virginia Community College's Alexandria Campus.

Liberal Arts Division
Location: Bisdorf Building, Room 252

Samuel Rosado-Rodriguez
Division Office Manager
Phone: 703.845.6242

The programs within the Liberal Arts Division include: Anthropology and Sociology, Communication Design, Early Childhood Development, Fine Arts, Economics, English, English as a Second Language, Geography, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and World Languages. 

Science, Technology and Business Division
Location: Bisdorf Building, Room 352

Division Office Manager
Phone: 703.845.6341

The programs within the Science, Technology and Business Division include: Accounting, Administration of Justice, Administrative Support Technology, Architecture Technology, Automotive Technology & Collision Repair, Biology, Business Administration, Business Management, Chemistry, Computer Assisted Design, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Management Technology, Contract Management, Engineering Technology, Environmental Science, Finance, Geology, Health, Information Systems Technology, Legal/Paralegal, Marketing, Mathematics, Developmental Mathematics, Natural Science, Physical Education, Physics and Real Estate.

Visit the College's Academic Programs & Services to learn more about these and other programs.