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rapid response

Northern Region Rapid Response Program

Dislocated Workers are eligible workers who have been laid off or terminated through no fault of their own or have received an official layoff notice. In certain areas, where funding is limited, priority of service is given to recipients of public assistance and low-income individuals.

Based on the results of the Rapid Response Needs Assessment Survey of each employee, Core Services can be provided in groups. A survey of the workforce needs and concerns helps to ensure that the services provided are of value and important to the group.

Rapid Response provides the following services in a group format:

  • Career Counseling and Job Search Assistance
  • Resume Preparation and Interviewing Skills Workshops
  • Mass Filing of Unemployment Insurance Claims and Registration for Job Services
  • Local Labor Market Information
  • Group Stress Management Seminars
  • Group Financial Management Seminars
  • Transition Resources
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Health Benefits and Pensions
  • Education and Training Opportunities

Local services in your community Workforce Centers include use of computers, telephones, fax machines and group workshops. Additional support may be available if your job was lost to foreign trade (Trade Act Program). Services are available for veterans and adults with disabilities.

Contact Gregory Vaughn or Evelyn Cromartie at the Northern Region Center for more information:

Gregory Vaughn
Phone: 703.425.5717

For additional information about the dislocated worker programs and services, visit the following sites:

For additional information about the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN), visit the following sites: