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Waddell Theater Protocol - External Use

External organizations using the Waddell Theater must adhere to these guidelines:

A master theater use calendar is maintained by Provost Office. To check theater availability, contact Andrew Furr at 703.948.7676 or If the theater is available, we will hold the date and time requested for one work week while awaiting submission of a Facilities Use Form.

Once the completed Facilities Use Form has been approved by the Provost, you must contact Parking Services 703.450.2523 to arrange for parking lot rental.

We will provide you with a memorandum of understanding that contains a cost estimate for theater rental, based on your event requirements. A 50 percent non-refundable deposit must be paid at the time you approve the memorandum of understanding.

The memorandum of understanding is an estimate based upon your initial event requirements. Any modifications must be approved by Workforce Development prior to the event or by the stage supervisor on the day of the event and will result in additional charges, as outlined in the fee structure described in the Waddell Theater Technical Information packet.

When the theater is in use, a College Representative must be present at all times.

Only authorized individuals may operate the light or sound equipment. Only authorized individuals may be in the booth. Authorized individuals are those who are AV/IT staff, trained professional CE staff, or individuals who have gone through AV/IT or CE approved training.

No food or drink is allowed in the theater. The only exception is water, which is allowed in the performers’ dressing rooms.

Fire regulations prohibit the use of open flame onstage or anywhere in the theater. This includes lighting matches, cigarettes, oil lamps, or any other devices using open flames.

 The fire doors in the theater must be kept closed.

After the event, you are responsible for leaving the theater in the condition in which it was found. Any areas used must be cleaned, including the house, stage, dressing rooms, shop, sound/light booth, backstage, and cat walk.