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Brand Assets

Learn how to articulate NOVA's brand with our guidelines for visual identity, voice and style.


The NOVA logo is the most immediate representation of our institution and should be used in all situations that call for the official mark of the College.


This is the formal College wordmark. Use of it is restricted to specific academic purposes such as official commencement materials.

Sub Logos

Sub logos are created by the Office of Institutional Advancement for use by NOVA campuses, academic departments and administrative offices.

College Program Logos

All college-related programs and events that use logos must be pre-approved for use.

Boldly NOVA

The Boldly NOVA logo is an alternate mark that is meant to support the overall College brand. Use of the logo must be approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

PowerPoint and PDF Templates

Basic, editable PowerPoint and PDF templates are available for use on office collateral. Digital templates are also available for use on flyers, posters and banners.

Editorial Guidelines

NOVA strives to provide our target audiences with a consistent voice and identity through our standards of practice. 

Brand Pillars

NOVA’s six brand pillars are our foundation and provide a guide for your content when creating copy and/or visuals.

Email Signatures

NOVA has a specific format for email signatures in regard to typeface, color, logo/image use and campus information.

Color Palette

Consistent use of NOVA’s primary and secondary color palettes strengthen our identity by creating brand recognition. 

Word Stationery

Templates are available as editable Word documents for the creation of campus letterhead.