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Associate Degree in Applied Science in Biotechnology

An Associate in Applied Science with a specialization in Biotechnology: This program is designed to prepare graduates for employment into entry-level positions at biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as laboratory, research, or manufacturing technicians. Coursework will develop an understanding of basic scientific principles in biology and chemistry, and will emphasize laboratory techniques and procedures such as solution and media preparation, DNA purification and analysis, electrophoresis, chromatography, maintenance of cells in culture, and quality control techniques.

Biotechnology Lab Technician Career Studies Certificate

This Career Studies Certificate is designed for persons wishing to enhance their employment options or retrain for a career as a laboratory technician in various biotechnology disciplines. Students interested in this certificate may include: a) career changers who already have a bachelor’s degree, b) scientists who were trained in foreign countries who need updated training, c) current A.S. in Science students who want to obtain a core of biotech courses and/or find a job in local industry while they complete their undergraduate degrees, and d) high school teachers who wish to refine their own biotechnology skills and obtain the required re-training necessary for continued teacher certification.


  • BIO 253 - Biotechnology Concepts; 3 credits (LECTURE): Explores the growing field of biotechnology ranging from basic cellular and molecular biology concepts to both basic and advanced laboratory techniques. MA, LO, On-line
  • BIO 250 (formerly 170) - Biotechnology Methods; 3 credits (LAB): Provides students with laboratory skills needed for employment in the biotechnology industry. Focuses on widely used biotechnology procedures in areas of DNA analysis, protein analysis, tissue culture, monoclonal antibodies, quality control assays, and diagnostic procedures. MA, LO
  • BIO 251 - Protein Applications in Biotechnology (Lec 3cr, lab 1 cr) LO
  • BIO 252 - Nucleic Acid Methods (Lec 3cr, lab 1cr), MA
  • BIO 254 - Capstone Seminar in Biotechnology (Lec 2cr) MA

New Biotech Courses

BIO 180 - Introduction to Careers in Biotechnology
Exposes the student to the field of biotechnology including skills, opportunities, and employment opportunities. Introduces the requirements to complete training and facilitates the student's need in the construction of a student plan and educational goal.
Lecture 1-2 hours per week.
1-2 credits

BIO 165 - Principles in Regulatory and Quality Environments for Biotechnology
Prepares students to work effectively in a scientific field and explains the basics of the regulatory and quality environments encountered in a biotechnology or pharmaceutical field. Surveys the principles and practices used on a day-to-day basis in regulatory affairs and quality systems. Pre- or co-requisite: BIO 180.
Lecture 2 hours per week.

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