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SDV 100

About the SDV 100 Redesign

Student Development Orientation (SDV 100) is NOVA’s student success course, which has been shown to correlate with student achievement and persistence. We recommended all new students take this course. The course covers study skills, time management, decision-making and the development of a college and career success plan.

As part of the Achieving the Dream initiative, NOVA began to redesign the course. The first phase of the course revision was introduced in Fall 2009 and incorporated four categories of student learning outcomes:

  1. Campus/college community policies and procedures
  2. Skills for academic success
  3. Self-management
  4. Decision-making (academic, personal and career)

Establishing student learning outcomes was the first step in standardizing the course across NOVA's six campuses. Data has indicated that completion during the first semester of this initial revision of SDV 100 had positive effects on student retention and GPA. During Fall 2011, NOVA recognized the need to further enhance the quality, accessibility and capacity of the course, with a goal of making SDV 100 mandatory in the first semester for first-time students. The SDV 100 Redesign Team worked on creating a hybrid course that used a standard textbook and assignments, with a significant amount of the student coursework graded and managed through Canvas. Pilot sections were offered during Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, with Fall 2013 as the target for all SDV 100 courses to be offered in the redesigned format.

NOVA continues its efforts by working to expand SDV faculty training, strengthening the connections with the New Student Orientation and the First Year Experience initiatives, ensuring students are taking the course by their 16th credit hour and updating the exam students can take to place out of SDV (ABLE).