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Campus Teams - Achieving the Dream

Campus Teams

The Campus Teams are comprised of highly motivated and engaged campus-level, faculty and staff. Each team leads the process of campus level and institutional change by serving as champions of the purpose for ATD at NOVA as well as adopting and adapting current practices and programs to better support student success. The campus teams implement the key initiatives for ATD at NOVA and make recommendations to the Core Team as appropriate.

Interested in joining your campus ATD Team, please contact your Campus Chair. For the campus team rosters, see below.

Shon Grant – Campus Chair
Pamela "Pam" Parker – Data Representative
Annette Haggray – Campus Provost
Ivy Beringer
Steve Ward
Laura Franklin
Kirstin Riddick
Ella Gilliam
Melinda Alexander
Carolyn Lorente
Gwen McCrea
Richard Noble
Laura Garcia
Sheri Anna Brown
Donnell Smith

Philip Tirpak – Campus Co-chair
Ritu Kansal – Campus Co-chair
Elizabeth Dellavedova – Data Representative
Pam Hilbert – Campus Provost
Nicole Tong
Jen Sayasithsena
Joan Passino
Melanie Medina
Cheri Spiegal
Kelly DeSenti
JoAnn Credle
Rima Gulshan
Beth Schomber
Katherine Geiser-Bush
John Schmitz
Karen Van Horn
Kimberly Wright
Jovana Pantovic
Elizabeth Dinkelman
Peter Jo
Jen Daniels
Rashmi Chilka

Karen Sutter Doheney – Campus Chair
Michael Wallace – Data Representative
Julie Leidig – Campus Provost
Katherine Hitchcock
John C Kincheloe
John (Jack) Zegeer
Edward G. Creppy
Laura Siko
Holly Abbe
Nelson Kofie
Mike McMillon
Sharis Ahmadi
Steve Clarke
Jeremy Cook
Frank DeLeon
Kimberly Heck
Susan Idziak
Martha Janowski
Baron Osong
Paula Rodgers
Tatyana Schum
Deborah Wyne
Laura Young
Fred Terranova
Gary Brooks – Campus Co-chair
Bernice Mayfield Campus Co-chair
Matthew Westerhoff – Data Representative
Molly Lynch – Campus Provost
Chandashri Bhattacharya
Pearl Harris-Scott
Royce Gildersleeve
Liz Leon
A.Danae Erickson
Marcie Schreibman
Diane Mucci
Donna Minnich
Cathy Cogdill
Susan Givens
Kelly Usher
Dahlia Henry-Tett
Andria Shoates
Maryellen Ryan
Amany Saleh
Leigh Giles-Brown – Campus Co-chair
Kathleen Odige – Campus Co-chair
Germaine Andino-Rexach – Data Representative
Nicole Reaves – Campus Provost
Donna Freeman
Patty Ottavio
Esther Abisogun
Anmarie Kallas-Alleva
Emily Miller
Bridget Page
Brenda Clark
Tykesha Myrick – Campus Chair
Camisha Parker – Data Representative
Sam Hill – Campus Provost
Jenny Lopez-Ramirez
Russell Grooms
Nicole Munday
Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo
Sandra Delgado
Stephanie Harm
E.J. McDuffie
Patrick Dawes
Shannon Bobb
Kwabena Konadu
Tatiana Hunter
Wende Ruffin-Lowry
Laura Cooper-Martin