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Step 2: Mapping Student Learning

  • Curriculum Mapping Tool Kit - Links to a number of related articles, tools and examples (NILOA).
  • Curriculum Mapping - Provides links to templates and several program-level examples, as well as Cuevas and Feit’s PowerPoint presentation and handouts (Southern Connecticut State University).
  • Curriculum Mapping: A Roadmap for Curriculum Coherence and Student Achievement - A very thorough PowerPoint presentation that analyses the process and breaks curriculum mapping into five steps (Cuevas & Feit 2011).
  • Curriculum Mapping in Higher Education: A Vehicle for Collaboration - A qualitative study of curriculum mapping in a western state university. It makes the case for curriculum mapping as “a way to increase collaboration and collegiality in higher education” (Uchiyama & Radin 2009).
  • A Curriculum Mapping Rubric - A tool to determine levels of program outcome content delivery (I, E, R, A) in courses (Cuevas & Feit, 2011).
  • Curriculum Mapping Steps - One page summary of Cuevas and Feit’s Five Steps of Curriculum Mapping from power point presentation (Curriculum Mapping: A Roadmap for Curriculum Coherence and Student Achievement, 2011).
  • Curriculum Maps-LMU - A short presentation from Loyola Marymount University.
  • Key Terms and Selected Bibliography for Curriculum Mapping - by Cuevas and Feit (2011).
  • Mapping SLOs - The second part of NOVA’s workshop on student learning outcomes.
  • Why Engage in Curriculum Mapping? – Three pages of succinct reasons for doing curriculum mapping (Cuevas & Feit 2011).