Is a Hybrid Course right for me?

1. I have a fairly recent computer, or access to a computer, with an Internet connection on a regular basis.  
2. I am familiar with how to attach a file to an email message.  
3. I can type pretty well and have basic word processing skills.  
4. I know how to save and locate files on my computer.  
5. I am comfortable downloading and installing software on my computer.  
6. I am self-motivated and can set and keep schedules for myself.  
7. I can communicate clearly in writing.  
8. I consider myself to have strong reading skills.  
9. I can dedicate approximately 9 or more hours a week to each individual course.  
10. Once committed to a task I almost always complete it.  
11. I am the type of person who organizes and prioritizes tasks easily.  
12. I can follow written instructions easily.  
13. When I get an assignment, I get it done ahead of time.  
14. I am comfortable asking questions of my instructor when I have a problem or concern.  
15. Do you like to work in groups with other students?