NOVA Advising Sheet 2021-2022

Cybersecurity, C.S.C.

Catalog Year: 2021-2022

One Year Credits
ITE 152 Introduction to Digital and Information Literacy and Computer Applications 3
1 ITN Elective 3
Choose One
ITN 101 Introduction to Network Concepts OR 3
ITN 100 Introduction to Telecommunications 3
ITN 260 Network Security Basics 3
ITN 261 Network Attacks, Computer Crime, and Hacking 4
ITN 262 Network Communication, Security, and Authentication 4
ITN 263 Internet/Intranet Firewalls and E-Commerce Security 4
ITN 266 Network Security Layers 3
Total Credits for Cybersecurity, C.S.C. = 27

IT courses used for this program may not be more than 10 years old, unless approved by academic dean.

All first-time students must take a one-credit Student Development (SDV) course prior to enrolling in their 16th credit at NOVA.

1 Approved electives may be selected from ITN 267, ITN 290 or ITN 295.