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Student Services - Annandale

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Welcome! The Enrollment Services Center at NOVA's Annandale Campus is committed to helping you meet your education, career and personal development goals. They maintain your academic record at NOVA and provide the following services: admissions, registration and class changes (drops/withdrawals/audits); and domicile determination.

Transcript and graduation processing is managed by the College Records Office. All questions regarding transcript requests are handled by the Student Services Center. All inquiries regarding graduation status are addressed by your faculty advisor.

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Student Handbook

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Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the more than 20,000 students who attend NOVA's Annandale Campus! Helping you to achieve your academic goals is our primary focus. Our comprehensive array of student services and activities reflect the rich diversity of NOVA students and our commitment to student success and excellence. Student Services at NOVA involve the three Cs: collaboration, cooperation and communication. I invite each NOVA student to join the dedicated and talented Student Services staff in a partnership that centers on preparing you for the workforce, further education and training, and reaching your dreams.

We recognize that navigating the college system can sometimes be challenging. Our mission is to ensure that our students never feel lost at NOVA. We provide a number of services designed to supplement your academic experience and help you plan for the future. These services include general academic advising, transfer and career counseling, as well as services for veteran students and students with disabilities. Additionally, we can provide a wide-range of student engagement opportunities through our Student Life department.

The Student Services staff and I are always available. We want to hear from you to know how we can serve you better. Your voice, as a NOVA student, is very important to us. We know that one size does not fit everyone; we want NOVA to be a rewarding educational experience for you.

Technology is constantly evolving and being used for academic instruction in innovative ways to make learning more accessible. Assistance is available if you need extra help and support. One of our goals is to keep you informed of programs, services, new developments and activities. We welcome your ideas on ways to use technology as a tool to better communicate with you. We believe NOVA students are tomorrow's leaders.

By attending NOVA, you are investing in your future and the growth of our community and nation. Today is a great day to stop by any of the Annandale student services offices to continue the life-long learning process of becoming all you can be!

Dr. Ellen Fancher-Ruiz, Ph.D.
Dean of Students
Annandale Campus

Faculty & Staff
Dr. Ellen Fancher-Ruiz Dean of Students 703.323.3382 efancherruiz@nvcc.edu
Steven D. Mosley Coordinator of Student Integrity & Conduct 703.323.3362 smosley@nvcc.edu
Staci Grogan Executive Administrative Assistant (P-14) 703.764.5006 sgrogan@nvcc.edu
Felix Emmanuel Nadal Assistant Coordinator for Early Engagement 703.764.5071 fnadal@nvcc.edu
Christy Genova First Year Advisor 703.425.5978 cgenova@nvcc.edu
Douglas Vibert First Year Advisor 703.323.3212 dvibert@nvcc.edu
LaTonia White First Year Advisor 703.425.5987 lmwhite@nvcc.edu
Maureen Lawson First Year Advisor 703.425.5974 mlawson@nvcc.edu
Whitney Hammond First Year Advisor 703.425.5975 whammond@nvcc.edu
Lacey Faunce First Year Advisor 703.323.3417 lfaunce@nvcc.edu
Lindsay Skeens First Year Advisor 703.323.3719 lskeens@nvcc.edu
Roberto Martinez Academic Advisor 703.323.5079 rmartinez@nvcc.edu
Nathan Moore Academic Advisor 703.764.5013 nhmoore@nvcc.edu
Matthew (Tank) McCarl Student Life Program Administration Manager 703.323.0122 mmccarl@nvcc.edu
Andrew McKenna Student Life Office Manager 703.323.3385 amckenna@nvcc.edu
Noor Naveed Events Specialist 703.323.3147 mn21773@email.vccs.edu
Felicia Blakeney Education Program Advisor 703.323.3729 fblakeney@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Nelson Transfer Counselor 703.323.2250 jlnelson@nvcc.edu
Corri P. Sullivan Transfer Counselor 703.323.5692 cpfister@nvcc.edu
Philip Wilkerson, M.Ed. VCU Representative 703.425.5860 plwilkerson@vcu.edu
Marius Jones Career Counselor 703.323.2236 majones1@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Allen Career Counselor 703.764.5063 stallen@nvcc.edu
Kelly DeSenti Associate Dean of Students 703.764.6011 kdesenti@nvcc.edu
Hengameh Fatehimanesh Office Manager 703.323.3011 hfatehimanesh@nvcc.edu
Monica Gomez Pathway Counselor 703.323.4094 mgomez@nvcc.edu
Bob Wildblood PT Academic Advisor 703.323.3200 rwildblood@nvcc.edu
Casey Wales PT Academic Advisor 703.323.3200 cwales@nvcc.edu
Cheryl Rohrbaugh SDV Counselor 703.323.3017 crohrbaugh@nvcc.edu
Dr. Charlie Dy Retention Counselor A.C, Transient/Visiting Student, Business & Public Services 703.323.3501 cdy@nvcc.edu
Dr. Joann Credle Counselor, PTK Advisor 703.323.3205 jcredle@nvcc.edu
Dr. Nicole Woodard PT Academic Advisor 703.764.5057 nwoodard@nvcc.edu
Jessie Zahorian Retention Counselor 703.764.6030 jzahorian@nvcc.edu
Margarita Martinez Retention Counselor 703.323.3069 mmartinez@nvcc.edu
Margie Wildblood Veterans Counselor 703.764.5017 mwildblood@nvcc.edu
Mary Denlinger P/T Academic Advisor mdenlinger@nvcc.edu
Susan Rexroad P/T Academic Advisor 703.425.5975 srexroad@nvcc.edu
Susie Ko Disability Counselor 703.323.3455 sko@nvcc.edu
Thu.An Trinh Admin Office Specialist 703.323.3200 ttrinh@nvcc.edu
Toy Tavarez P/T Academic Advisor 703.323.3200 ttavarez@nvcc.edu
Tracy Bell Disability Counselor 703.764.5048 tbell@nvcc.edu
Vicky White Disability Counselor 703.764.7700 vwhite@nvcc.edu
Vinh Nguyen Admin Office Specialist 703.323.3200 vtnguyen@nvcc.edu
ViNita Warren.Nickens Retention Counselor 703.323.3153 vwarren@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Jackson James Madison University Representative 703.323.3214 jacks3jk@jmu.edu
Raphael Soberano Financial Aid Manager 703.764.7781 rsoberano@nvcc.edu
Ferdie Respicio Campus Financial Aid Representative 703.323.2432 frespicio@nvcc.edu
Magda Valencia Campus Financial Aid Representative 703.764.5087 mvalencia@nvcc.edu
Philip Rowley Campus Financial Aid Representative 703.323.2193 prowley@nvcc.edu
Sahar Cheema Campus Financial Aid Representative 703.323.3556 ncheema@nvcc.edu 
Dr. Michael (Juneious) Tucker International Coordinator 703.323.3091 jutucker@nvcc.edu
Catalina Novac Senior International Student Advisor 703.323.4581 cnovac@nvcc.edu 
Dr. Marilyn Deppe Coordinator of Student Support Services 703.323.3328 mdeppe@nvcc.edu
Romy Sarmiento Senior Veterans Advisor/SCO 703.323.3145 rsarmiento@nvcc.edu
Audra Morris Veterans Affairs Specialist/Certifying Official 703.764.5004 amorris@nvcc.edu
Jason Hunter Vet Success Counselor 703.323.3893 jhunter@nvcc.edu
Luis Charboneau Veterans (P.14) 703.323.3145 lcharboneau@nvcc.edu
Esther Stratton Veterans (P-14) estratton@nvcc.edu
Sean Fitzmaurice Interim Campus Registrar 703.323.3550 sfitzmaurice@nvcc.edu
Fariha Mohammad.Daud Education Support Specialist II 703.323.3067 fmohammaddaud@nvcc.edu
Eunice Torkornoo Education Support Specialist II 703.323.3070 etorkornoo@nvcc.edu
Jose Merino Education Support Specialist II 703.323.3200 jmerino@nvcc.edu
William Clarke Education Support Specialist II 703.323.3758 wclarke@nvcc.edu