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SSYF - APA In-Text Citations

APA In-Text Citations


Correctly synthesizing and citing source information is critical for undergraduate success, and the skill transfers well to professional settings. Creating correct APA in-text citations is tedious but not difficult. Consider using this student module as a planned unit in your class or as a remediate resource. A variety of resources are included.

Outcomes and Objectives

The APA In-Text Citations student module meets the following undergraduate goals and student learning outcomes:

  • VCCS General Education Goals:
    • Communication 1.2
      • Assimilate, organize, develop and present an idea formally and informally.
    • Critical Thinking 2.1
      • Discriminate among degrees of credibility, accuracy and reliability of inferences drawn from given data.
    • Information Literacy 4.5
      • Understand many of the economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information and access and use information ethically and legally.
  • VCCS Developmental English Redesign Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Identify, evaluate, integrate and document sources properly.

More Info About the APA In-Text Citations Student Module

This module was developed in February 2015 by Emily Miller, Reading and Writing Center Supervisor for Annandale's LTR. Revised in September 2015.

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Suggested Assignments and Assessments:

Create correct In-Text Citations for an essay:

Provide your students with this actual undergraduate essay that uses APA style (the author is Dani Harrison of the Annandale Reading and Writing Center).

Ask your students to examine the references page for this essay and then create correct in-text citations using the reference page, as well as the page number provided in the document in-line notes. 

Compare their citations with the Answer Key essay to rate their APA in-text citations savvy.

Use the APA In-Text Citations Student Module With:

Get More Help Using the Reading an Academic Article Student Module:

Students needing more help with APA In-Text Citations should contact the Annandale Reading & Writing Center. Please visit the For Faculty tab for information on tutoring services, referring students and requesting instructional workshops.

Students needing help finding and evaluating sources should contact NOVA Libraries. Faculty can schedule an instructional session with a librarian using the "Schedule Instruction" link in the For Faculty section of the NOVA Libraries home page.

Screen Captures

APA In-Text Citations - Screen capture 1

APA In-Text Citations - Screen capture 2

APA In-Text Citations - Screen capture 3

APA In-Text Citations - Screen capture 4

APA In-Text Citations - Screen capture 5