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SSYF - Testing Center Preparation

Testing Center Preparation


The Testing Center Preparation module introduces students to the requirements for successful testing in the campus Testing Center, including where to find hours of operation and what to bring to the test. Materials also discuss how students can develop good testing skills such as how to pace an exam, how to be most efficient for each type of exam and consequences of academic dishonesty.

Outcomes and Objectives

The Testing Center Preparation student module meets the following NOVA and VCCS goals and student learning outcomes:

  • NOVA General Education Goals:
    • Personal development
  • VCCS Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Learning how to study and prepare for academic or professional examinations will help students achieve higher levels of success and become more engaged citizens

Copyright and Usage

Unless otherwise noted, the content in this module and any suggested assignments or assessments are licensed as CC BY NC.

More Info About the Testing Center Preparation Student Module

This module was developed in September 2014 by Annalise Rivas, (Former) Testing Center Instructor at the Annandale Campus. Updated by Jason DeFreitas, Annandale Testing Center Supervisor, in April 2017.

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Suggested Assignments and Assessments:

1. Plan Your Test Day

  • After students have viewed the Test Taking Tips, have them make a specific plan for the day of their test. The attached sheet provides a list of items they can consider in developing their own plan.
  • The Perfect Test Day.

2. Hack the Online Test

  • Direct students to this website listing 20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory. Then have each student choose one of the "hacking" techniques to try on their next quiz (something small they will be less anxious about). Then have them report if or how the strategy worked for them. You can encourage each student to choose a different technique, so you can have a classroom discussion about the various ways each student approached the assignment.

3. Chart a Mind Map

  • One of the potential pitfalls students can encounter at the Testing Center is an increase in distractions compared to studying at home or taking a test in their classroom. The University of Cambridge has a very dense website full of suggestions for how students can increase their concentration skills. Students can be encouraged to read through the main points or the details of the website and then create a Mind Map to plan out their concentration technique. Encourage students to be creative with their personal mind map: use colors, shapes or anything to make it unique for them!

Use the Testing Center Preparation Student Module With:

Get More Help Using the Testing Center Preparation Student Module:

  • For students who need more support preparing for exams or learning study skills, direct them to the relevant resource through Academic Support Services at Annandale.
  • If you need to refer students to the Testing Center for special accommodations testing, to make-up an exam, or for any other reason, please see the Faculty Resources tab on the Annandale Testing Center's website. If students need more support preparing for academic exams, they can visit the Annandale Academic Support Centers.
  • To alert students to the consequences of academic dishonesty, direct them to the Student Handbook segment on Academic Dishonesty or the Academic Integrity segment of the NOVA Catalog.
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