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SSYF - Time Management

Time Management


The Time Management module for students introduces students to basic time management techniques on both a large and small scale. The module includes information and tips for managing a semester schedule, a weekly schedule, a large project (such as an essay or research paper) and dealing with procrastination. Please advise students that effective time management does not have a "one size fits all" solution. Students should experiment with multiple methods and determine which one(s) work well for them.

Outcomes and Objectives

The Time Management student module meets the following NOVA and VCCS goals and student learning outcomes:

  • NOVA General Education Goals:
    • Critical Thinking
    • Cultural and Social Understanding
    • Personal Development
  • VCCS Developmental English Redesign Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Time Management does not fall into a specific SLO as listed in the Curriculum Guide for Developmental English (2011), but Time Management is essential to student success in any course (and in life)!

More Info About the Time Management Student Module

This module was developed in April 2013 by Sarah Bogdewiecz, Coordinator of Academic Support Services at the Annandale Campus.

For extra one-on-one support for students with time management issues, please refer your students to one of our academic support centers found through Annandale LTR's website. A tutor, trained in coordinating course and campus resources, will work with your students to develop a plan to tackle that assignment (within the time parameters your syllabus has set).

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Suggested Assignments and Assessments:

1. Semester-Long Planning:

  • This exercise from Cornell allows students to plan and review their time management skills in a semester. Students are asked to write down and reflect upon ALL of their tasks in all of their courses and in their lives outside of college.

2. Semester-Long Planning for YOUR Course:

  • Use these assignments from Dartmouth College to help students manage their time more effectively around your course assignments.

3. Planning for a Class Project:

  • Use this handout from Princeton University to assist students with managing a large class project (such as an essay or research paper). Ask students to thoughtfully respond to the prompts using one of your larger assignments and turn it in as part of the writing process.

Use the Time Management Student Module With:

Get More Help Using the Time Management Student Module:

Students who need more assistance with time management may find the following campus resources helpful:

  • Visit a tutor at one of the academic support centers. Tutors are trained (in part) to be skilled at showing students the integration of course materials and campus resources to develop a course management plan. You can refer students to the appropriate center through the Annandale's LTR website.
  • Students in needing assistance in a reading/writing heavy course can be referred to Annandale's Reading & Writing Center.
  • Students can also be referred to the Advising & Counseling Center if they are looking for broader assistance in creating an academic plan.