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SSYF - Value of Research Skills

Value of Research Skills


This module highlights the value of the research skills students learn in class and how these skills can be useful throughout their lives. The concept of information literacy is also introduced.

Outcomes and Objectives

The Value of Research Skills student module meets the following VCCS goals and student learning outcomes:

  • VCCS General Education Goals:
    • Information Literacy
  • Developmental English Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Identify, evaluate, integrate and document sources properly.

Copyright and Usage

Unless otherwise noted, the content in this module and any suggested assignments or assessments are licensed as CC BY

More Info about the Value of Research Skills Student Module

This module was developed in August 2013 by Paula DeRoy, (Former) Annandale Campus librarian, and was revised in September 2015 and February 2016 by Jami Yazdani (former) Associate Dean and Library Director, Annandale Campus. It was reviewed in April 2017 by Elizabeth Dellavedova, Librarian at Annandale.

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Suggested Assignments and Assessments:

1. Real World Connections

Helping students make connections between the research skills they learn in school and their information needs beyond college can be as simple as requiring students to select topics with a personal or professional connection for research assignments. Students can also be asked to determine a "real world" or personal problem they would like to solve and then can locate and evaluate sources that might help them solve the problem. Research essay assignments requiring personal narratives or problem descriptions are good examples of assignments that can connect students to real world applications of research skills.

2.  Value of Research Skills Activity

This Value of Research Skills Activity helps students practice their research skills using a personal or professional problem (and might also work well to start a discussion on evaluating sources). Available on the web or as a PDF.

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Librarians at NOVA are eager to work with faculty to develop instructional sessions and assugnments that support students in developing information literacy skills. To request an instructional session submit a request form.