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SSYF - Credible Sources

Credible Sources


Students have no problem finding a lot of sources, but they do have trouble finding GOOD, credible sources. The Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries (ERIAL) Project found that students in the study possessed "poor abilities in locating and evaluating resources (of all types)." In this module students are shown that they can't believe everything they hear, see or read. There are too many people out there who have an agenda, a philosophy or product to push. For school AND life, people need to find credible sources that will present honest, truthful, relevant information. This means informed people need to:

  1. know where to find credible sources of information and
  2. know how to evaluate sources

Outcomes and Objectives

The Credible Sources student module meets the following NOVA and VCCS goals and student learning outcomes:

  • NOVA General Education Goals:
    • Information Literacy
    • Critical Thinking
  • VCCS Developmental English Student Learning Outcomes:
    • Demonstrate comprehension by identifying rhetorical strategies and applying them to college-level texts
    • Analyze college-level texts for stated or implied main idea and major and minor supporting details
    • Demonstrate critical thinking skills when reading and writing college-level texts
    • Identify, evaluate, integrate, and document sources properly

Copyright and Usage

Unless otherwise noted the content in this module and any suggested assignments or assessments are licensed as CC BY.

More Info about the Credible Sources Student Module

This module was developed by Paula DeRoy, Librarian at Annandale Campus Library in March 2013 and updated by Elizabeth Dellavedova, Librarian at Annandale Campus Library in March 2017. To make suggestions or comments please email edellavedova@nvcc.edu

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Suggested Assignments and Assessments:

2. CRAAP Worksheet:

  • Students often accept anything they find through the Internet or in print as being true and factual. By examining a source's currency, relevance, accuracy, authority, and purpose (CRAAP), the student can begin to determine the credibility of the materials they are using for research. Instructors can ask students to use the CRAAP Test worksheet to assess the credibility of a source. The CRAAP test is provided by the Beeghly Library, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA.

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Get More Help Using the Credible Sources Student Module:

Students needing help finding and evaluating sources should contact NOVA Libraries.

  • Faculty can schedule an instructional session with a librarian using the Schedule Instruction link in the For Faculty section of the NOVA Libraries home page.