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SSYF - How to Install a Module

How to Install a Module

  1. Use the "Download Module" link to download the module you want to include in your course. Make a note of where it is stored on your computer (usually in the "Downloads" folder).
  2. Log in to Blackboard and navigate to the course you want to install the module.
  3. In your Blackboard course, select "Control Panel."
  4. Under "Packages and Utilities," select "Import Package/View Logs."
  5. Click on “Import Package”.
  6. Under Select a Package, browse to locate the zip file on your computer, then "Open."
  7. Under Select Organization Materials, click on "Select All”.
  8. Then, click "Submit." It may take a few minutes for the Import to complete and the module to appear in the Content Menu.
  9. Once the module has imported you can move it, edit it, and/or add your own assignments, quizzes, etc.