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FSRC - Classes & Training

The Faculty & Staff Resource Center offers classes and group training to faculty and staff. Classes include MS Office, Web design, graphics, professional Web page development, email and more. Individual training is also offered.  All FSRC classes take place in CG-204 (next to the Faculty & Staff Resource Center in CG-206).

Canvas Training

For all college-wide Canvas workshop and webinar schedules, and other useful Canvas related information go to online.nvcc.edu/canvastraining/

NEW! Canvas Self Paced Course

Click here for instructions on taking the new Canvas Self-Paced Course.

FSRC Canvas Coaching Sessions - May 2019

All Canvas coaching sessions will take place in CG 204 with the FSRC Instructional Technologists.

To register, see descriptions under the calendar.

Class Descriptions:

Canvas Basics - Global Navigation

Length: 1 hour

In this session we will discuss how to set up and navigate your global Canvas account, focusing on account settings, notification preferences, and understanding your dashboard. We will also review your calendar and inbox.

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Canvas Basics - Course Navigation

Length: 1 1/2 hours

In this session we will discuss how to navigate inside a course, focusing on recommended course settings, communication preferences, available tools, and student view. We will cover importing and exporting, and validating links. There will also be a brief overview of home pages, announcements, modules, and assignments.

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Canvas Modules

Length: 1 hour

This session covers how best to use modules in your course. You will learn how to create modules and add course content to them. You will learn how to organize your modules, and how to control access to your content by locking and creating prerequisites and requirements.

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Canvas Assignments

Length: 1 hour

This session focuses on adding and managing assignments. We will discuss the options available when creating an assignment. We will also cover creating assignment groups.

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