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Oral Communication Center

About the OCC

Unfortunately the Oral Communication Center is currently closed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Oral Communication Center (OCC) enables student success by helping to improve speaking and presentation skills across disciplines. NOVA students can work with trained speech consultants to develop and refine their skills for individual and group presentations. The OCC offers services to students in CM-363 (by appointment).

Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment by stopping by CM-363 or calling 703.764.5091. We do not accept appointment requests via email. Please arrive at least five minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you are 10 minutes or more late, your appointment is forfeited and you will have to wait one week to reschedule. You need your valid NOVA Student ID to check in. Please bring the course syllabus, assignment instructions and grading rubric to your appointment. It’s also important that you know your instructor’s name and the course you are enrolled.

Student Services

Personalized Consultation

Individualized, face-to-face assistance with all aspects of the oral presentation process; our consultants assist students of all ability levels, in all courses and disciplines. 

Feedback Consultation

Schedule time with a degreed communications professional to view presentation (or review recorded session) and discuss specific feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Recording/Presentation Equipment

The OCC owns a variety of recording and presentation equipment, which the staff can help you use at the Center to record your presentations.

The OCC is currently coordinating with faculty across disciplines to identify your further communication needs and plans are underway to offer:

Online Consultations

Individualized assistance through email, uploaded video feedback, or Web-conferencing software; our online tutors assist students of all abilities, in all courses and disciplines. 

Group Workshops

Interactive group discussion of common communication issues, followed by individualized, one-on-one assistance; you learn and work on your communication skills. 


Mini Workshops and Webinars

The Oral Communication Center offers a variety of workshops and webinars. The workshops are designed to take place in the OCC or your classroom.

Request a Workshop Today!

Download the Workshop Request Form and email it to ssdurham@nvcc.edu.

Professional Development Series 2015 


Monica Metzler Makes Technical Speak Easy for Everyone

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Have you gone to a technical talk or presentation completely excited about the topic, only to be frustrated by the speaker's jargon and stiff delivery?

My guest for episode 62 has been there and she's doing something to change that. Monica Metzler is the founder and president of the Illinois Science Council. She has a passion and expertise for helping people in technical fields communicate with lay audiences. She excels at helping engineers, scientists and technologists make complicated ideas accessible for everyone.

Like, Eliminate Ums and Ahs, Right?

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Common Eye Contact Mistakes

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eOCC LogoOnline Consultations

Communicating online, to meet the oral presentation needs of NOVA students, faculty and staff.

At the Oral Communication Center we provide a comfortable environment where speakers get feedback about their interpersonal, verbal and group communication behaviors. Our center is a judgment-free space in which our primary goal is to enable student success through improved speaking and presentation skills across all disciplines.

You can use your personal YouTube account and your student email account to upload your video for review by a communication consultant. Click here for more information.

Follow These Steps:

1. Follow the instructions on how to upload your video to your personal YouTube account.

2. Fill out a Tutor Session Worksheet.

3. Using your student email account, email your YouTube link, and your Tutor Session Worksheet to the OCC for us to review: occ.nvcc@gmail.com

Two-Day Policy:

Those seeking to utilize our consultation services for an upcoming presentation need to arrange for their online appointment to take place not closer than two days before their final presentation date. If you upload a presentation Monday - Thursday by 5 p.m., you will receive feedback in 48 business hours by 5 p.m. If you upload a presentation Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will receive feedback by Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Note: Communication Center Directors attending the 12th Annual Excellence at the Center Conference agreed that our two-day policy is a best practice for supporting speakers as they make their way through the speech making process. This policy better ensures that speakers visit us during the process of speech discovery and organization.

OCC Talks

Click here for the current OCC Talks schedule.