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Math & Science Center - Resources

Math & Science Center Resources

Math Resources

Algebra and Geometry Formula Sheet (PDF)

Derivatives, Integrals, Trigonometry Formula Sheet (PDF)

Helpful Sites

MathGuys - Students ask questions and professionally trained tutors and professors respond by making FREE Math videos tailored to the particular question or by explaining the necessary steps in detail. 
"Like" their Facebook page.

PatrickJMT - Free videos for topics such as Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, and Discrete Mathematics.

Paul's Online Math Notes - Free math notes from a Professor. Includes Algebra, Calculus I, II, III, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.

KhanAcademy- Free videos and practice problems for countless topics.

Calc Chat - Offers free student solutions manuals for many math textbooks by Ron Larson.

Purplemath - Excellent resource for lessons in Algebra and Trigonometry. Click on links in "Lessons Index" to view the lessons.

MIT Open Courseware - Full, recorded lectures for learning at your own pace.

MTH151 (Math for Liberal Arts I), MTH285 (Linear Algebra), MTH286(Discrete Mathematics).

InterAct Math - Provides free multiple choice practice problems from a great assortment of math textbooks. These books include College Algebra, Precalculus, and much more.

WolframAlpha - Solves many numerical problems for Math (including integrals, limits, and infinite series), Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, etc.

Graph - FREE open source software to graph functions, relations, derivatives, and integrals.





Desmos.com (Includes graphing mode)

MTH 163/164/166

The Math Page - Precalculus

Mathbits - Precalculus Formula Sheet

Lamar.edu - Tutorial

Dummies.com - Precalculus Cheat Sheet

Ohlone.edu - M181 Formula Sheet

Ohlone.edu 2 - M188 Formula Sheet

MTH 173/271

Cuny.edu - Calculus Formulas

Lamar.edu - Tutorial

Math.com - Calculus Tables

Lamar.edu 2 - Cheat Table

OR.us - Final Notes for AB and BC

Dummies.com - Calculus for Dummies Cheat Sheet

MTH 174/272

KU.edu - Formulas

Lamar.edu - Tutorial

Dummies.com - Calculus II for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Lamar.edu 2 - Calculus II Series Intro

Ohlone.edu - Series/Convergence

MGCCC.edu - Disk/Washer and Shell Methods

MTH 277

Ohlone.edu - m101c Formula Sheet

Ohlone.edu 2 - Graphs

Lamar.edu - Tutorials

Lamar.edu 2 - Calculus Cheat Sheet

Calvin.edu - Calculus Formula Sheet

Tommymacwilliam.com - Math Guides

Physics Resources

HyperPhysics - Summaries and guides for all physics topics.

Brightstorm - Brief videos of concepts and step-by-step worked problems.

Annenberg Learner - Brief videos of physics concepts.

MIT Open Courseware - Full, recorded lectures for learning at your own pace.

PhET - Interactive simulations of physical phenomena.

Physics Forums - A highly helpful advice forum.





paws.Kettering.edu - Mechanics equations sheet

apcentral.Collegeboard.com - Physics equation tables

Quizlet.com - Newtonian Mechanics Flash Cards

Physicsclassroom.com - Newton's Laws of Motion

Zonalandeducation.com - Equations for accelerated motion

Physics.info - Motion equations

Waves / Acoustics:

brl.UIUC.edu - Sakai Chapter 2

PhysicsClassroom.com - Waves Calculator

PhysicsClassroom.com 2 - Frequency and Period of a Wave

PhysicsClassroom.com 3 - The Wave Equation

GSU.edu - Wave Solutions

Insula.com.au - Wave Equation and Intensity


Physics For Idiots. com - Thermodynamics

Tutor Visa.com - Thermodynamics

Quizlet.com - Symbols and Formulas Flash Cards

Dummies.com - Important Thermodynamics Equations and Formulas

UMD.edu - Thermodynamics Review

OregonState.edu - Thermodynamics


CliffsNotes.com - Electromagnetic Forces and Fields

Tomzap.com - Modern 2426

PhysicsForIdiots.com - Electromagentism

Cabrillo.edu - Electromagnetic Waves

GSU.edu - Gauss' Law


Physics Tutorials.org - Optics Cheatsheet

Dummies.com - Light Wave and Optics Formulas

Quizlet.com - Waves and Optics Flash Cards

Sparknotes.com - Optics

Chemistry Resources

Brightstorm - Brief videos of concepts and step-by-step worked problems.

General Chemistry Online! - Free general chemistry notes and practice problems.

Periodic Table:



Electrochemical Activity Series:

Chemistry-Assignment.com - Electrochemical Series

Chemistry-Assignment.com 2 - Electrode Reactions

ECUSD7.org - Reduction Potentials

Geometry of Molecules:

MMST Chemistry.Weebly.com - Molecular Geometry Chart

UTexas.edu - Geometries

Purdue.edu - Valence Electrons and Geometry

UC Davis.edu - Lewis' Theory of Bonding / Geometry of Molecules


McMaster.ca - pKa Table

Cloudfront.net - pKa Table

Organic Compounds Nomenclature Guideline:

UIUC.edu - Nomenclature Rules

UCalgary.ca - Basic IUPAC Nomenclature

Functional Groups Infra Red Absorption Table:

Wellesley.edu - IR Absorption Table

UNM.edu - IR Chart

Amino Acids Table:

Sigma-Aldrich.com - Amino Acid Reference Chart

Organic Reactions List:

MasterOrganicChemistry.com - Reaction Guide

Organic-Chemistry.org - Named Reactions

SynArchive.com - List of Named Reactions

Chemhelper.com - Mechanisms

Educational Video Clips

RSC.org - Learn Chemistry

LearnersTV.com - Free Chemistry Video Lecture Courses

Study.com - General Chemistry Course

Educational Flash Animations

MHHE.com - Essential Chemistry

LearnersTV.com - Free Chemistry Animations

Biology Resources

CELLS alive! - Interactive cellular models with explanations.

Cell Biology Animation - The name says it all. There are animations regarding DNA, chromosome structures, parts of a cell, etc.

Learn.Genetics - Resource by The University of Utah providing all types of information regarding genetics.

Accounting Resources
Bean Counter - Free tutorials, interactive videos for accounting and bookkeeping, software, etc. To begin, click on "Tutorial Center" on the top of the page and "My Bookkeeping Tutorial Site".