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Math and Science Center

Welcome to the Math & Science Center

The Math & Science Center (MSC) is an academic support center on NOVA's Annandale Campus. Covering 35 select courses in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and Accounting, our goal is to provide academic support to students enrolled at the Annandale Campus. The MSC focuses on that support with a diverse group of peer tutors mirroring the campus student population.

Spring 2019 Tutoring Schedule


Walk-In Tutoring

You are welcome, during posted Center hours, to meet with tutors without an appointment. A schedule detailing when tutors are available is posted at the entrance, and linked to this page. When you arrive, please sign in. There are destop computers for online work, as well as tables. Tutors then circulate around the Center answering questions from various courses and topics. Textbooks and calculators are available for use, but only in the tutoring center. As you leave, please sign-out to end your session.

Individual / Group Study

If you need a quiet place to study or if a group of classmates want to meet to discuss coursework, the Math and Science Center is available with the added advantage of tutors being present as a resource. Please contact us to schedule a time.

Software / Computer Use

The Math and Science Center is equipped with desktop computers that are available for use within the Center during hours of operation. Available software includes MS Office, Gnuplot, R, and Wolfram CDF Player. We also provide links to Open Educational Resources.

Class Reviews

Tutors can coordinate with faculty members and conduct review sessions prior to exams for most courses for which we support tutoring. Please contact jbrannon@nvcc.edu to schedule a time.


Spring 2019 Tutoring Schedule

Click here for the schedule

What to Expect in a Tutoring Session:

  • Tutors will help you with your work. They can assist you in answering questions regarding homework, reading assignments or lectures.

  • Tutors will assist you in discovering your learning style -- the most effective way for you to learn.

What Not to Expect in a Tutoring Session:

  • Tutors will not do your work for you. Tutors will help you to determine the answers on your own by asking you questions.

  • Tutors are not going to teach you the course material. You must attend class, do assigned reading and take notes in class, in order to come prepared to see a tutor.


Various classes supported by the Math & Science Center make use of Open Educational Resources (OER). The following links are provided.

MTH 265 Vector Calculus books

MTH 267 Differential Equations book

MTH 288 Discrete Mathematics books

  • The tutor was fantastic, understood everything and explained it in a way which I could understand. -MTH 155 Student 
  • The math tutors are always very helpful. I used the Tutoring Center before and it is a great resource that everyone at NOVA should know about and take advantage of. -MTH 245 Student 
  • Very friendly, nice and helpful. -MTH 167 Student 
  • Tutors are very helpful. I will come back for help again. -CHM 101 Student 
  • Great tutors! Friendly and smart! -MTH 161 Student 
  • I came every exam day to get tutored and got above 'A' or 'B' every time. -MTH 167 Student 
  • I like the Tutoring Center. It really gives me the tools to do well. -MTH 155 Student 
  • The tutors are very helpful and make math easier to understand, especially when I need help for a test. -MTH 161 Student 
  • The tutors are doing an outstanding job. -PHY 201 Student 
  • The tutors are great and are very helpful. -PHY 231 Student 
  • Explanations for my questions have been helpful. -MTH 288 Student 
  • I am pleased with the setup and individuals. -MTH 161 Student 
  • Saved my grade, good service. -MTH 263 Student 
  • The Tutoring Center helped tremendously. -MTH 288 Student 
  • I am so thankful to those who helped. I really liked that they did not just help me with homework, they would explain several times if I did not understand after the first time. I would recommend everyone who has a hard time understanding to use the wonderful opportunity to be helped by wonderful people who work hard in the Tutoring Center. -MTH 245, MTH 261 Student 
  • I enjoyed the surroundings of the Tutoring Center in which gives a bit of confidence for me to work outside of class. -PHY 231 Student 
  • The primary reason for my success thus far is access to the tutors. I am able to do most of the studying on my own, but when I come upon a question that I can't answer by myself, I am able to get help. I have been impressed with how well the tutors have been able to explain difficult concepts. -MTH 265 Student 
  • The tutors were very helpful and willing to work with me on additional problems and explain some confusing concepts. -MTH 263 Student 



How can I reach the Center?

We are located in Room CG-405 on the Annandale campus. You can contact the Math & Science Center at 703.323.3139.

Can I make an appointment for tutoring?

Walk-in Tutoring is available for the math and science courses, so no appointment is necessary. However, one must review the tutoring schedule on the Math and Science Center Website, http://www.nvcc.edu/annandale/asc/math/, or the schedule posted at the center (Building CG405) to determine when a tutor is available for your class.

How long is one session?

Students sign up for tutoring assistance at the Math & Science Center. A tutor will work with each student 10-15 minutes, and move to the next student. A student can sign up multiple times for help, and then work on their own while a tutor is with other students.

What can tutors assist me with?

We CAN help students with questions that are not related to their grade, such as textbook questions, test review and online homework. We CANNOT answer questions from unverified sources, or for take-home quizzes & tests, exam corrections, extra credits, lab report assignments or projects.

Do you have a list of private tutors? Do you provide tutoring outside of NOVA?

We don’t recommend specific private tutors, but we suggest you Google “private math tutor” and the name of your city/community to find a private tutor near year. Private tutors also post fliers on campus offering their services. We don’t recommend specific tutors as it could be considered a conflict of interest, improper use of college equipment, or solicitation. 

How can I get help with the Virginia Placement Test?

We cannot assist students preparing for the math placement test, but NOVA Libraries provides access to sample questions at: http://libguides.nvcc.edu/vptmath 

A Virginia Practice Test is also available at: https://college.measuredsuccess.com 

Instructions to register for this practice test are at: http://libguides.nvcc.edu/ld.php?content_id=14801447 

Do you provide tutoring for MTT classes?

We provide help for MTH classes. MTT class support is available in CT105.

Can I check out textbooks and calculators?

You can check out textbooks and calculators, but they must remain in the Math & Science Center. We ask for a Student ID card or Driver’s License in exchange while you borrow the item(s).

Do you support Extended Time Tutoring?

The Office of Disability Services has discontinued the provision of Extended Time Tutoring as an accommodation on students' MOAs. All NOVA students are entitled to the same amount of tutoring time, in accordance with individual centers' policies.

Do you help with CSC (Computer Science) or IT classes?

Tutoring for some CSC and IT classes is available with the Open Computer Lab in Building CT228. Please check with the Lab to determine when they have tutors available.