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Alumni Hall of Fame

The NVCC Alumni Federation is pleased to announce the inaugural Alumni Hall of Fame Class!

Gregory J. Altieri
NVCC Alumnus
NVCC Adjunct Faculty Member
Founder, NOVA Alumni Federation

William Cleveland
NVCC Alumnus
Former Vice Mayor City of Alexandria
Member of NVCC Educational Foundation for 25 years

Glenn Fatzinger
NVCC Alumnus
NVCC Adjunct Faculty member
Created The Harriet H. Fatzinger Nursing Scholarship for NOVA Nursing students

Robert Hull
NVCC Alumnus
Former member of the Virginia House of Delegates
Current Community Outreach Specialist for the Annandale Campus

Bibhaw Pokharel
NVCC Alumnus
George Mason Graduate, Georgetown Graduate, currently at Harvard
Founder of mentoring and tutoring program for NOVA students

Nomination Process

The NOVA Alumni Federation is proud to announce the Alumni Hall of Fame. The Alumni Hall of Fame is to provide recognition to those individuals who have achieved excellence in their profession, community service, or education at the local, state, or national level. Alumni must have attended Northern Virginia Community College prior to nomination and must be responsible, respected citizens of good character in their communities and professions. Individuals will be inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame during Student Excellence Recognition Banquet.

  • Measurable achievement of success in their career field
  • A demonstrated commitment to the community through service, leadership, philanthropy, or activism.
  • Must have earned a minimum of 12 credits from Northern Community College
  • A person may be inducted posthumously
  • Exemplify the values of Northern Virginia Community College
  • Other appropriate qualifications which the nominator believes merit consideration.

You may also nominate a person, company, campus partner, donor, etc, who may not be an alumni but should be recognized for their contributions to NOVA’s mission, vision, and shared values.