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Faculty Guidelines

Make-Up Test Drop-Off Procedures

  • Fill out a Request Form at the Testing Center.
  • You must include each student’s name on the form, and your name should be on the test.
  • Provide a separate test for each student.
  • We accept up to six make-up tests per section.
  • The Testing Center does not provide in-class proctors or provide make-up testing for an entire class.
  • Students found cheating (using unauthorized materials) will have a NOVACAREreport submitted for academic integrity violation. 
  • Testing Centers only administer make-up tests for faculty on the campus where the class meets.
  • Students may not use electronic devices including calculators that can access the Internet.

Test Pick-up Procedures

  • Tests need to be picked up in person by the instructor during open hours.
  • Untaken tests are destroyed or returned to the division at the end of each semester.

Final Exam Week
Once final exams begin, Testing Centers do not proctor make-up tests except for students with documented disabilities. Faculty must make accommodations for their own students who choose to travel and miss exams. Testing Centers are administering NOL finals and placement exams during this period.

Instructor Resources
For special testing requests that do not adhere to the guidelines, please see the Testing Center coordinator in advance of making plans.