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Faculty & Staff

Student Services Faculty & Staff

Name Title Email Phone Office
Dean of Students
Dr. Tyson Beale Dean of Students tbeale@nvcc.edu 703.845.6321 AA195
Maro Bentley Coordinator for Student Integrity & Conduct mbentley@nvcc.edu 703.933.1854 AA193
Fahima Zoury Office Service Specialist fzoury@nvcc.edu 703.845.6469 AA195
Counseling Services
Dr. Sherri Anna Brown Associate Dean of Students sabrown@nvcc.edu 703.845.6303 AA193
Narmeen Badrah Academic Success Advisor nabadrah@nvcc.edu 703.933.8337 AA194
Samantha Blain Office Assistant sblain@nvcc.edu 703.845.6207 AA193
Trevor Blair Counselor tblair@nvcc.edu 703.845.6236 AA194
Rebeccah Carrier Academic Success Counselor rcarrier@nvcc.edu 703.845.6470 AA194
Darlene DuBose CARE Counselor ddubose@nvcc.edu 703.933.3995 AA194
Connie Robinson Academic Success Advisor cmrobinson@nvcc.edu 703.933.8338 AA194
Dana Roy Academic Success Advisor droy@nvcc.edu 703.575.4745 AA194
Keith Wynn Academic Success Counselor ewynn@nvcc.edu 703.845.6304 AA194
Disability Services
Tracy Bell Disabilities Counselor tbell@nvcc.edu 703.933.1840 AA193
Steven Brogan Disabilities Counselor sbrogan@nvcc.edu 703.575.4738 AA193
Enrollment Services
Niki Neal Campus Registrar nneal@nvcc.edu 703.845.6335 AA194
Shahida Begum Scanner sbegum@nvcc.edu 703.845.6647 AA194
Barbara Fuentes Office Services Specialist bfuentes@nvcc.edu 703.933.5073 AA194
Dahlia Itkin Office Assistant ditkin@nvcc.edu 703.933.5073 AA194
Sean Pek Enrollment Services Specialist spek@nvcc.edu 703.845.6351 AA194
Maria-Cristina Saunders Enrollment Services Specialist msaunders@nvcc.edu 703.845.6246 AA194
Financial Aid
Jimmy Mauger Financial Aid Manager jmauger@nvcc.edu 703.933.8333 AA148
Ryann Dancel Financial Aid Assistant rdancel@nvcc.edu 703.845.6350 AA148
Luis Diaz Financial Aid Assistant ldiaz@nvcc.edu 703.845.6350 AA148
Sarah Morales Financial Aid Specialist, Work-Study Coordinator smorales@nvcc.edu 703.933.5043 AA148
Eleanor Ripton Financial Aid Advisor eripton@nvcc.edu 703.845.6350 AA148
First Year Advising
Dr. Rhonda Myers Coordinator for Student Success rmyers@nvcc.edu 703.845.6029 AA161
Enas Al-Hadidi Orientation Facilitator /GPS emalhadidi@nvcc.edu 703.575.4719 AA161
Martesha Bishop Orientation Facilitator /GPS mbishop@nvcc.edu 703.575.4719 AA161
Pascale Clark First Year Advisor/GPS pclark@nvcc.edu 703.933.8336 AA161
Jayanthi Easwarachandran First Year Advisor/GPS jaeaswarachandra@nvcc.edu 703.933.5099 AA161
Donnell Smith First Year Advisor/GPS ddsmith@nvcc.edu 703.845.6208 AA 161
LeCha Tyson First Year Advisor/GPS ltyson@nvcc.edu 703.933.5021 AA161
Alexandra Williams GPS Community Outreach Advisor afwilliams@nvcc.edu 703.845.6352 AA161
International Students
Dr. Twyla Jones Assistant Coordinator, International Education and Sponsored Programs twjones@nvcc.edu 703.845.6248 AA185
Absera Abraham International Student Advisor aabraham@nvcc.edu 703.575.4720 AA185
Student Life
Jackie Artis Student Life Program Manager jartis@nvcc.edu 703.845.6520 AA141
Kim Johnston Office Manager kjohnston@nvcc.edu 703.845.6218 AA141
Omar Alamodi Events Specialist oalamodi@nvcc.edu 703.933.1434 AA134
Veterans & Military Student Resource
Victoria Esannason Military and Veteran Program Advisor vesannason@nvcc.edu 703.933.8332 AA185
Michelle Pohmer Vet Success Counselor michelle.pohmer@va.gov 703.323.3893 AA193