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The Jean H. Braden Center for Women, Gender and Social Equity

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Welcome to the Braden Center for Women, Gender and Social Equity

The Jean Braden Center for Women, Gender, and Social Equity, under the Division of Language, Arts and Social Sciences on the Alexandria campus, is an important and vibrant part of the college whose mission is to encourage inclusiveness and sense of belonging for all, with the goal to educate, advocate, support, and provide leadership opportunities for students. It provides a safe psychological and physical space for trainings and events, gaining access to support resources at the college and in the community, and leadership opportunities through our mentoring programs. The Center addresses the most pressing needs of our students, staff, and faculty in creating an inclusive experience for all at NOVA through education, advocacy, and support for students across all gender and sexual identities regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and social, economic and cultural background. It houses groups such as PrideNOVA, ManUp, and WomenHelpingWomen and provides a space for people to do quiet reflection, converse with other students, and participate in discussion groups.

  • Educate, Advocate, and Support regarding issues of gender and sexual equity and inclusiveness.
  • Providing resources and services to promote educational success emphasizing gender equity and inclusiveness.
  • Developing programs to address gender and cultural barriers and creating opportunities for leadership and community service.
  • Establishing referral systems to ensure that students get the services they need on or off campus to achieve success.


The Braden Center is home to various events and activities including weekly activities, and discussion groups to provide experiences that educate our communities about issues of special importance to women, gender and equity issues.


  • Financial Management Seminars
  • Women’s Literature Discussion group (rrmartin@nvcc.edu)
  • Self-Defense Training
  • Women’s History Month Events
  • Women Helping Women - Women’s Retention Project (womenhelpingwomen@nvcc.edu)
  • Peer Mentoring Programs
  • Domestic/Dating Awareness Workshops

Emergency Funds

The Braden Center has established an emergency fund for students, through annual fundraising initiatives, to assist with emergency needs related to tuition, books, housing, child care, transportation, and other one-time emergency needs. Applications are available in the Center for currently enrolled students at NOVA.

Community Space

The center provides a safe psychological and physical space for all for students across all gender and sexual identities regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. This space can be used as a quiet place to study, reflect, converse with other students, or participate in discussion groups.

Resources and Referrals

  • Resource Library - created through generous donations of books and DVD’s on subjects of interest to women and gender diversity.
  • Information - campus and community resources, scholarships, internships, and community support groups
  • Referrals - community services

Governing Structure

Internal Governing Board
The Braden Center has an internal governing board of college faculty, staff and students, which meets monthly to plan programs and events.

External Advisory Council
The Braden Center has an external advisory council comprised of members representing social services, business and professional organizations to provide advice and support for the Center.

While working with various organizations associated with Northern Virginia Community College, the Braden Center strives to partner with community, professional and business organizations. Currently we partner with among others, Fairfax County Office of Public Private Partnerships (OP3), City of Alexandria, and American Association of University Women.

Contact Information

Northern Virginia Community College Women’s Center – Alexandria
Bisdorf Bldg., AA Room 331
5000 Dawes Ave
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: 703.845.6218

Social Media

snapchat @jeanbradencent