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Language Resources Center

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Did you know there is a place on campus to study and practice world languages?

The Language Resource Center in AA160 is the place to learn and practice materials in Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Classics, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese and more. There are word processing programs and software for listening and speaking in most of these languages.

  • Need help with speaking? Our conversation partner program will help you feel more confident when speaking in your next class.
  • Need help with grammar and vocabulary? Our peer tutorial services will help you step by step at your own pace.
  • Flip cameras, headsets and a Skype setting with a Web camera are also available for your projects.
  • Need a place to study for an upcoming test? Study groups are always welcome here -- speaking aloud (in languages you are studying) is encouraged.
  • We have television programs broadcasting international news available on site.

Ask your instructor for tips on how you can best use your time in AA 160.

About the Center

All students currently registered in world languages may use the Language Resource Center during Open Lab Hours in the semesters in which they are enrolled. The Center is reserved for world language study only. Work for other courses must be done at other facilities. The Language Center has 24 PCs and is a paperless environment. Students who wish to save their work should provide their own flash drives.

When not in use as a Language Resource Center, AA 160 is an electronic classroom where classes in 10 different languages are taught.