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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

You can log in to the computers in the lab using your myNOVA username and password.

What software is available?

We have most of the software used by classes taught at the Alexandria Campus. Please contact us if you need access to specific software for a class. The OCL team will make every effort to provide the software to you prior to your next class meeting.

How do I print?

In order to print in an open computer lab, you need to have your NOVA ID card (Student ID) or a Guest Card (Guest Cards can be purchased from a print card machine at the cafeteria). We recommended that you add some amount of money to you Student ID card at the time you get it.

Do computer labs provide any free workshops?

We offer free technology workshops to all NOVA students. Please check our workshops schedule at http://blogs.nvcc.edu/alocl/about.

Can I ask a lab assistant to help me with my homework or a project?

Lab assistants can help you with equipment, software and programs taught at NOVA. You must be a current student at the Alexandria Campus to receive assistance in the Open Lab. The staff will not do any homework or projects for you.

Can I scan my documents in computer lab?

Yes, you can scan. High-speed and flatbed scanners are available for you to use. We request that you be mindful of other students and limit your scanning when others are waiting to use the scanner. Please ask the lab assistants for help if you are not sure on how to use the scanner.

Should I bring my own data storage media?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you save your work to your own storage device on a flash drive. A lab staff member can show you how to save your information, data and/or files using a cloud service. Computers in the lab are often serviced and files are deleted. Thus, you risk losing your document if you save it on the computer.

If I have my own laptop, can I access the network?

You can connect to the College network using the wireless connections. You can connect to the wireless network using your myNOVA username and password. You can ask a lab staff member to assist you.