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Welcome to the Psychology Program at NOVA's Alexandria Campus.

Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. At its core, we want to understand why people (and animals) do what they do. We examine behavior and thinking from several angles, including neurological, genetic and cultural. Psychology also looks for explanations of and treatments for psychological conditions such as depression and schizophrenia. The study of psychology will allow you to understand more about yourself and other people.

Psychology Department

We offer two paths to a major in psychology. One is the Associate of Arts and the other is the Associate of Science in Social Sciences. A faculty advisor can help you to decide which is the better degree for you to pursue. This will depend on where you plan to transfer and what your career goal is.

We offer classes from the introductory level to specialized classes such as human development, social psychology, abnormal psychology, research methods and statistics. We have an internship with Gateway Homes every semester.

Most psychology classes satisfy the social science requirements for the various degrees at NOVA.

Psychology Faculty

The psychology faculty are highly educated and come from a variety of specialties. We have both research-focused and clinical-focused faculty. The faculty are dedicated teachers and committed to student success.