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We offer Beginning Japanese 101 and 102, Intermediate Japanese 201 and 202. Students who have completed JPN 101 and 102 can expect to be able to function in daily situation in Japan, such as ordering food in restaurants, asking locations, shopping, talking about you and your family, sharing the information about activities and hobbies, etc. Also, they should be able to read and write Hiragana, Katakana and about 46 Kanji. Once students complete JPN 201 and JPN 202, they can expect to be able to talk about other topics, including health, weather and climate, travel and asking directions. They can also read and write 120 additional Kanji. 

Advanced Topics

We also offer JPN 198 and JPN 298. The topics in JPN198 vary from semester to semester, including an intensive Kanji class. JPN 298 focuses on more advanced topics, to include current events using newspaper articles, TV, websites, video clips, etc.

Interactive Education

As a program at the community college, we strive to find a better way to serve our growing number of busy adult students. For example, from Spring 2007, JPN 201 will be offered as a hybrid course. In this mode, students meet once a week with an instructor rather than twice a week as a traditional class. Students will spend more time completing assignments online with Blackboard and e-NOVA.