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The Academic Success Center offers a variety of services in support of student academic achievement.

Academic Success Coaching

Our learning specialists have years of experience working with students to help them improve their academic skills, from reading to note-taking to executive functioning skills. Our coaching is available to all students, whether they walk in on their own or are referred to us by faculty or staff. Students may want to meet with a coach just once to help them get through mid-terms, for example, seeking out some assistance in creating a study plan and finding additional support. Other students meet with our coaches on a regular basis to check in and as a source of ongoing support and encouragement. If you (or one of your students) think you might benefit from meeting with an academic success coach, please give us a call to make an appointment!

Appointment Tutoring

Walk-in tutoring is perfect when you have a quick question or when you are working on homework and need help answering a question if you are stuck. Sometimes you need focused attention and longer time frames. When you make an appointment with an ASC tutor, you will get 50 minutes to go over a whole concept or answer several questions. Call us at 703.845.6363 or stop by AA 229 to make an appointment.

Appointment Tutoring FAQ

Can I have more than one appointment?
Students are permitted two appointments per week, per class. You may schedule them together if you prefer and if the tutor is available.

How should I prepare for my appointment?
You will get more out of your appointment if you come prepared. The best way to do that is to review your course materials and come up with some specific questions. For example, you might tell your tutor, “I understand this math operation when it’s presented in the example, but I don’t know how to set up this word problem to solve it.” If you make a list of questions to bring to your appointment, you and your tutor will be able to jump right in.

Can I bring a friend to my appointment?
Most of our appointment tutoring is one-on-one tutoring. Some of our tutors are happy to tutor study groups, but you’ll need to ask about that when you make the appointment.

Computer Assisted Technology (CAT) Lab

Our CAT Lab is equipped with technological resources to assist students in need of accommodations. In the Lab, you will find a CCTV Visual Magnifier and computers loaded with Read&Write Gold, JAWS Screenreader and other assistive software.

Print and Electronic Resources

We are always finding great new resources for NOVA students. We maintain a Center that includes both print and digital resources. Outside our Center and near the front desk, you will find academic success skills information and tools and information about additional resources on campus. We also keep a list of Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are free to everyone and include sources such as Khan Academy, CrashCourse and many others.

Study Skills Assistance

Academic success depends on study skills and time management. Our tutors and academic coaches can help students identify effective strategies such as planning, task management, increasing focus, and active study activities that encourage cognitive development. Students may choose to ask their tutor for some tips or to make an appointment with an academic coach. Speak with one of our front desk staff or stop by one of our offices in the Center to make an appointment. We have an open-door policy, and we are eager to help!

Study Space and Computers

Our Center has a lot of space available for students to study individually or in groups. If your study group would like to reserve the conference room or the MediaScape, you can do so by asking someone working at the front desk.

Our 12 computers are available for students to use for schoolwork. They are networked to the FastPrint system; print jobs can be retrieved from any of the FastPrint machines on campus.

Walk-In Tutoring

The Academic Success Center offers walk-in tutoring for math classes during all of our operating hours. You can sit anywhere in the Center. Our MTH tutors will walk around and answer your questions. If you need to get the tutor’s attention, you can raise the red stop sign that is at each workstation.

We also offer walk-in tutoring for many language classes. Our language walk-in tutoring is located in the World Language Lab in AA 160. You can also speak with a Language Lab Coordinator about the Conversation Partners program, to practice conversations in your target language. 

*Our tutors cannot help with the math placement test or with MTT classes. Please see a supervisor if you have any questions.