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Pathway Program for Reasons of English Proficiency (PPREP) Program

Apply for Admission and I-20 Form

Once the student has passed their assigned PPREP Program they will be eligible to enroll into English 111 and can begin their Associate degree program on a full time basis.

Application Windows for PPREP Program

Overseas or Change of Status Applications

  • Fall Semester: February 15 to June 30
  • Spring Semester: July 15 to November 15

F-1 Transfer Applications

  • Fall Semester: February 15 to August 1
  • Spring Semester: July 15 to December 15
1. Online Application

Make a note of the Student Information System ID (SIS ID) that is created at the end of the application. Please write this ID number on all your other forms.

  • Apply Online
  • The application asks about your educational goals. If you plan to pursue a degree after the PPREP program, please include the academic program you intend to pursue at NOVA. You must choose an associate's degree program. (Due to the restricted nature of some programs such as Veterinary Technology and Dental Hygiene, some programs are currently not available to F-1 students.)
  • Make a note of the Student Information System ID (SIS ID) that is created at the end of the application. Please write this ID number on all your other Admission forms.
2. International Student Application Fee

If you plan on changing your status to F1 in the U.S., you should meet with an International Student Advisor in the Office of International Students before paying the fee.

Submit a non-refundable International Student Application fee of $75.

Students have two options to pay the fee.

**NOVA cannot take credit cards, personal checks or cash deposits. If a cash or check deposit is made directly to BB&T it cannot be honored.

1. Money Order: You may pay the fee by attaching a money order made out to Northern Virginia Community College to your I-20 application package.

2. You may remit your payment to Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) via bank transfer or ACH transfer to the following bank account:

Please include your full name and student SIS number. Transfers that do not include your name and SIS number will have to be returned because we cannot identify the student account to credit.

Bank Name: Branch Banking and Trust Co. – BB&T
Bank Address: 4401 Backlick Road, Annandale, VA 22003
Account Name: NVCC General Fund – Local
Bank Routing #: 051404260
Bank Account #: 0000151037216

Please note NOVA does not accept funds in excess of $75. If excess funds are sent to NOVA, the entire amount of the transfer will be returned to the originating institution.

3. I-20 Application Form

Download, complete, print and sign the I-20 Application Form.

4. F-1 Financial Statement Form

If you have a sponsor, please have the sponsor complete and sign the second page of the F-1 form.

5. Bank Statement

Provide recent bank statements from your financial sponsor dated no more than six months before the start of the semester for which you are applying.

6. Proof of Completion of Secondary Education

Provide evidence that you have completed the equivalent of a U.S. high school education. If the documentation is not in English, you need to submit an official English translation. Please do not send original diplomas or certificates as we cannot return them to you. (NOTE: If the documentation is not in English, you need to submit an official English translation.)

  • Certified copy of your secondary school diploma or certificate equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma OR
  • Evidence of your attendance in college or university level studies.
  • Participants in a J-1 Au Pair or Summer Work Travel program may demonstrate that they have met this requirement by providing a copy of your DS-2019.
  • If you are currently still in high school but will graduate soon, please ask your school to provide an official letter stating the date by which you will complete your studies. You must complete your secondary education before you begin classes at NOVA.
7. Provide English Proficiency

This program is meant to prepare students for an academic level of English proficiency while taking some academic coursework at the same time. Academic coursework will be limited to courses that do not require English 111 as a prerequisite.
New students to NOVA applying to PPREP must submit either a TOEFL IBT or IELTS test score in order to be placed in the program.
TOEFL MyBest Score and IELTS Indicator Scores will be accepted. Test scores must be taken within past five years.
If you are a current NOVA student and you are applying for a Change of Level, you will be placed into a PPREP level based on your ACLI level assignment.



Eligible Test Score

Level 5
(.5-1 semester)


Students must have a minimum of 13 in reading and writing sections.


Students must have a minimum of 6.0 in all subject areas.

Level 4
(1.5-2 semesters)


Students must have a minimum of 10 in reading and writing sections.


Students must have a minimum of 5.5 in all subject areas.




*Students with TOEFL speaking and listening scores between 8 and 11 who would otherwise qualify for Level 4 or 5 may enroll in the that level but will be advised to also co-enroll in the ESL 33-Speaking and Listening.

8. Send Documents to Office of International Student Services

By Mail:
We are no longer accepting mailed applications at this time due to our office’s inability to receive regular mail during the College’s campus closures.

By Email:
Send documents in one clear pdf attachment to oiss@nvcc.edu.

Contact us:
Phone: 703.323.3423 (leave a message, and someone will return your call within 24 hours)
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (no walk-ins at this time)

Once the Office of International Student Services reviews your documents and determines that you have met all the requirements, the I-20 will be issued. Based on the information you provided on your I-20 Application Form, we will mail your I-20 out via UPS.