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Intensive English Program

Follow the step-by-step checklist below to apply to the College and request an I-20 form.

Apply for Admission and I-20 Form






Feb 15 - Jun 30 

Feb 15 - Jul 15 

Feb 15 - May 30 


Jul 15 - Nov 15 

Jul 15 - Dec 10 

Jul 15 - Oct 15 


Dec 15 - Apr 1 

Dec 15 - May 1 

Dec 15 - Mar 15

Apply Online

Please be aware of some specific questions on the application:

  • In Section 2: Communicating with you
    • Provide your overseas mailing address
    • Financial Aid Assistance question- does not apply to international students as you are not eligible to apply for financial aid. Select 3rd option.
  • In Section 3: Your Education
    • When choosing your Program of Study 
      • F1 students can only apply for AA/AS/AFA or AAA/AAS and not certificates (C/CSC). 
        • AA/AS/AFA- are designed to transfer to a four-year bachelor’s degree program 
        • AAA/AAS- are designed primarily to prepare for employment 
      • All medical related programs are competitive (nursing, dental hygiene, physical therapy, etc.) and if selected will automatically place you into the general studies degree as you will need to apply for these programs after your first semester.  
    • Upload your high school transcript here 
  • In Section 5: Your Background
  • In Supplemental Information 2
    • Indicate how you will pay your International Application fee. (Your visa document will not be processed until this payment is received). You will not be able to make payment in the application.
    • Upload all the required documents for your application in this section except for high school transcript which you must upload in Section 3. 

A Student Identification number (SIS ID) will be generated once you submit your application. Keep this number in a safe place as you will need it for future interactions with NOVA.

Once we have reviewed your documents and determined you have met the program requirements and your application fee has been paid the visa document will be issued. We will mail it via UPS using the address provided in your application.

If you have a sponsor, please have the sponsor complete and sign the second page of the F-1 form.

Provide recent bank statements from your financial sponsor dated no more than six months before the start of the semester for which you are applying.

NOTE: If your sponsor is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, he or she may submit form I-134 as proof of funds. Please see the Affidavit of Support (I-134) site for more information.

Provide evidence that you have completed the equivalent of a U.S. high school education. If the documentation is not in English, you need to submit an official English translation. Please do not send original diplomas or certificates as we cannot return them to you. (NOTE: If the documentation is not in English, you need to submit an official English translation.)

  • Certified copy of your secondary school diploma or certificate equivalent to a U.S. high school diploma OR
  • Evidence of your attendance in college or university level studies.
  • Participants in a J-1 Au Pair or Summer Work Travel program may demonstrate that they have met this requirement by providing a copy of your DS-2019.
  • If you are currently still in high school but will graduate soon, please ask your school to provide an official letter stating the date by which you will complete your studies. You must complete your secondary education before you begin classes at NOVA.

Students applying to the Intensive English program are not required to submit a standardized English test score for admissions to the program. You will be required to take NOVA’s English Placement assessment(s) to ensure you are placed into the appropriate English level.
ESL Placement Assessment

  • Once your F1 application is submitted, you will receive an email with testing details.
  • Test will be given in an online format and done from your home.
  • Test can only be taken once.
  • Results will be emailed to you with your placement results.
  • If you score Level 4 or higher you will qualify for the ESL Pathway (PPREP) program.
  • If you choose to enter PPREP you will need to submit the PPREP application and financial document.
  • You will be reassessed on the first day of class to ensure you are placed into the appropriate English level.

ACLI Placement Assessment

  • If you score Level 3 or lower you will be placed in the Intensive English program.
  • You will be required to take a second assessment with NOVA’s American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI).
  • Instructions on how to take this second assessment will be emailed to you from:  AN-ACLI@nvcc.edu

Please wait 24-48 hours for the charge to show up on the student’s account after the online application has been submitted.   
Below are the options to make the payment. 

U.S. Debit/Credit Card: Student must log into their MyNOVA account  and go to the Student Information System (SIS) app. On the Student Information screen click the Make a Payment at bottom of page. Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. There will be a service fee applied to the total. 

Bank Wire Transfer: Email oiss@nvcc.edu to receive our bank transfer details. 

In Person 
Go to the Business office on any NOVA campus to make the payment with a money order or cashier's check. NO personal checks or cash will be accepted. Find  our Business office locations here.
Money Order: You can purchase a money order from any post office, grocery store or 7-11. The Pay to section should be written out to: Northern Virginia Community College. Also, write student name and ID # on the front side of the money order either in the From section or under the signature line.  
Cashier’s Check: drawn from a US bank account paid to Northern Virginia Community College with student’s name and ID#  

If you have any questions about the application process, please reach out to us.

Email: oiss@nvcc.edu for the fastest response.
Office Phone: +1 703.323.3423 
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  
Office Walk-in hours: Monday -Friday 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. 
OIS Virtual Lobby via Zoom: Monday through Thursday 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.