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When can I begin studying?

You may enter the Intensive English Program three times a year:

  • Spring Semester – January
  • Summer Session – May
  • Fall Semester - September
What will my class schedule be?
Non-credit IEP: Classes meet 20 hours per week, four or five days a week Monday to Friday, in the morning and/or afternoon. You will have two or three different teachers each semester. Please contact the ACLI office on the campus where you plan to study for more specific information on schedules.
College ESL: Your schedule will depend on what level you are placed. Levels 4 or 5 will allow you to take 10 credits of ESL plus 1-2 additional academic courses that do not require English 111 as a prerequisite.
Do I need to take an English placement test?
Yes, you will need to take the College’s ESL placement test before you arrive on campus.
How long will I study in the Intensive English Program?
This depends on your current level of English proficiency. We will use the results of your placement test to determine how long it will take you to finish the program.
How long will my I-20 be issued for?
We usually issue I-20s for the Intensive English Program for one year. If at the end of the year you have not finished the program yet, you may apply to extend the I-20. If you meet the level of proficiency required for the ESL Pathway or degree program, you may begin it sooner.
When can I begin studying for a degree program?
Students who complete the Intensive English Program are welcome to continue on into one of our associate degree programs. Once you meet the level of English required for our degree program, you may begin taking credit level classes in the associate’s degree program of your choice.
Can I bring my spouse or child with me when I study in the U.S.?
If you will be accompanied by your spouse or children while studying at NOVA, you are required to demonstrate financial ability to support these dependents. The College estimates the additional cost of bringing a spouse to be approximately $6,898 USD per year and the additional cost for each child to be approximately $3,450 USD.