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Administrative Services Policies and Procedures

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Table of Contents

Section Category Title
7 Emergency Management and Safety Emergency Management & Safety (July 2016)
9.1 Facilities – Non-Capital Projects Non-Capital Projects (May 2016)
9.2 Facilities – Buildings and Grounds Buildings & Grounds (September 2016)
9.3 Facilities – Environmental Compliance Environmental Compliance Policy (January 2017)
9.5 Facilities – Purchasing & Procurement Purchasing & Procurement (August 2016)
9.6 Facilities – Capital Projects Capital Projects (August 2016)
10 Materiel Management - Purchasing Purchasing (July 2016)
12 Materiel Management – Inventory Mgmt and State Surplus Property Inventory Management & State Surplus Property (July 2016)
14.1 Risk Management – Incidents Involving Students/Guests Incidents Involving Students or Guests (February 2016)
15.1 Auxiliary – Food Services, Dining Areas, & Vending Food Services, Dining Areas, & Vending (October 2016)
15.2 Auxiliary – Bookstore Policy Bookstore Policy (November 2016)
16 Auxiliary – Parking Services Parking Services (October 2017)

Until completion of the ASPM update, policies and procedures for specific issues may still be located on other College website pages, and/or various College publications. In addition, it may be unclear if an issue or concern is administrative, academic or because of overlap, pertaining to both. Therefore, if you are seeking a particular policy or procedure and cannot locate it in the ASPM, please do not hesitate to search other websites, handbooks, college publications and/or source locations.