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Administrative Services Procedures Manual

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The Administrative Services Procedures Manual (ASPM) is a compendium of approved College processes intended to guide faculty and staff as they go about the College's day-to-day business.  This manual reflects the operational philosophies and realities of a dynamic educational institution, and as such, the processes of the College, and the policies which underpin those processes, change from time to time.  While we strive to update the sections of this manual to reflect current policies and procedures, changes occasionally render parts of the manual obsolete.  Members of the College family should also refer to the Intercom and the notes of the Administrative Council for the most recent information about College policy and procedure.

Nothing in the ASPM shall be interpreted as creating any right or benefit not otherwise provided by law, or which is contrary to any applicable law, policy, rule or regulation of the United States or the Commonwealth of Virginia and its agencies.

The ASPM is in the process of updating. The Table of Contents reflects currently updated policies and procedures.

Until completion of the ASPM update, policies and procedures for specific issues may still be located on other College website pages, and/or various College publications. In addition, it may be unclear if an issue or concern is administrative, academic or because of overlap, pertaining to both. Therefore, if you are seeking a particular policy or procedure and cannot locate it in the ASPM, please do not hesitate to search other websites, handbooks, college publications and/or source locations.