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Reaffirmation Timeline

Reaffirmation Timeline

September 2019
Reaffirmation Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting

December 2019
Orientation of NOVA Leadership by SACSCOC

January 2020
Deadline for QEP Proposals

March 2020
QEP Topic Identified

April 2020
QEP Development Team Appointed

August 2020
QEP Update to Steering Committee and Administrative Council

March 2021
Compliance Certification Submitted to SACSCOC

April 2021
SACSCOC Off-Site Reaffirmation Review

August 2021 – QEP Submitted to SACSCOC

October 2021 – SACSCOC On-Site Reaffirmation Review

June 2022 – Review by SACSCOC Board of Trustees – Final Decision on Reaffirmation