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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

As part of NOVA’s reaffirmation process, we must develop a Quality Enhancement Plan that:

  1. has a topic identified through its ongoing comprehensive planning and evaluation processes;
  2. has broad-based support of institutional constituencies;
  3. focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student success; and
  4. includes a plan to assess achievement.

This is an opportunity for NOVA to enhance overall institutional quality and effectiveness by increasing student achievement in a single, critical area.

  • Emily Miller (co-chair)
  • Tamara Warren Chinyani (co-chair)
  • Alison Thimblin (resource)
  • Germaine Andino-Rexach
  • Denise Bausch
  • Breana Bayraktar
  • Kathy Bohnstedt
  • Courtney Boland
  • Nathan Carter
  • Julie Combs
  • Vanessa Diaz
  • Karen Doheney
  • Joan Ehrlich
  • Richard (Tim) Eichers
  • Christopher Eninger
  • George Gabriel
  • Shonette Grant
  • Victoria Hill-Megginson
  • Katherine Hitchcock
  • Jade Jones
  • Ritu Kansal
  • Charles Kim
  • Jill MacDiarmid
  • Maureen Madden
  • Nicole Munday
  • Cynthia Pascal
  • Zahra Rafie
  • Kevin Simons
  • Nicole Tong
  • Phi Phung Trinh
  • Rebecca Walter
  • Vicky White
  • Nigel Word
  • Deborah Wyne
  • Amany Ahmed
  • Patricia Gordon
  • Cedric Howard
  • Ashlie Warnick