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NOVA 2012-2013 College Catalog: Programs of Study

Discontinued SP 2013

Certificate AN

Purpose: The curriculum is designed for present or future practitioners in the profession who wish to improve or acquire understanding and knowledge of essential real estate subjects.

Recommended Preparation: Proficiency in high school English and background in basic arithmetic operations.

One Year Credits
1st Semester
BUS 100 Introduction to Business 3
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
REA 100 Principles of Real Estate 4
REA 217 Real Estate Finance 3
1SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
Total   14
2nd Semester
REA 215 Real Estate Brokerage 3
REA 216 Real Estate Appraisal 3
REA 245 Real Estate Law 3
REA Elective 4
2___ Social Science Elective 3
Total   16
Total credits for the Real Estate Brokerage Certificate=30

1 Students may substitute the SDV 101 Orientation section related to this program.

2 The social science elective may be selected from the social/behavioral sciences courses listed under General Education Electives.