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Math Discipline

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NOVA offers a variety of math courses to meet your program requirements and transfer needs. We also offer developmental and support math courses to help you be successful.

New Developmental Math Courses

MTT will be offered for the last time during the Summer 2021 term. Starting Fall 2021, MTT will be replaced with MDE 10 and MDE 60. In addition, new support courses will be offered. MDE 54 and MDE 61 provide support for some college-level courses.

Which math course should you take?

The math you take at NOVA depends on your program of study, your preparedness, and whether you have started your math coursework already at NOVA.

If you have not yet taken any math at NOVA, you should consult the College Catalog.If you need assistance, our advisors are here to help!

If you have already started MTT, we encourage you to complete the units you need this spring and summer. Depending on what units you have completed and your program of study, you may be advised to take MDE 10 or 60. You may be permitted to take MTH 154 with (or without) the MDE 54 support course. You may be permitted to take MTH 161 with (or without) the MDE 61 support course. Consult the "Course Crosswalk" for details. If you need assistance, our advisors are here to help!