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College Pathway Initiatives

College Pathway Initiatives are four specialized college access programs at NOVA that collectively support more than 10,000 students of all ages across Northern Virginia. These four initiatives work collaboratively to provide an inter-institutional network of student support services that are designed to address common barriers to higher education and to increase academic success and college completion for underrepresented student populations.

Our vision is to ensure that all individuals in Northern Virginia with the desire and capacity to achieve a college credential are provided with the individualized, structured resources and support they need to pave their own Pathway to college access, success and excellence.

Click here for a directory of program staff.

Learn more about each of the College Pathway Initiatives by clicking on the program images below:


Adult Career Pathways (ACP) provides adult students with a structured support system specifically designed to assist with navigating the unique challenges that adults face while attending college. Participants receive ongoing support and guidance through each step of the college experience.

To learn more about the program, visit the Adult Career Pathways site.

Adult Career Pathway


Great Expectations helps young adults, affiliated with the Virginia Foster Care System, transition in to college. More than 500 children in the Virginia Foster Care System age out each year. Without social or family support, foster care children experience significant challenges living on their own. However, with access to education, foster care youth can find satisfying and well-paying jobs.

To learn more about the program, visit the Great Expectations site.

Great Expectations


Pathway to the Baccalaureate is a highly successful, award-winning initiative that addresses barriers to college access, success and completion for thousands of at-risk students in Northern Virginia through an effective collaboration among K-12, community college and university partners.

To learn more about the program, visit our Pathway to the Baccalaureate partnership site.

Pathway to the Baccalaureate


The Pathway Connection Program is a pilot college/career readiness program for high school sophomores and juniors in selected high schools in Fairfax County (FCPS) and Arlington County (APS).

To learn more about the program, visit our Pathway Connection site.

Pathway Connection