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Hybrid Blackboard Site Basic Checklist

Before You Make Course Available to Students:

  1. Course Settings and Design:
    • Custom named buttons or menu bar
    • Individualized “look”
      • buttons or menu bar?
      • color scheme, images, banners?
    • No dead end links, extraneous buttons or folders under which nothing exists.
  2. Course Announcement:
    • Personalized initial Announcement to students
  3. Course Information:
    • List of course goals and objectives for your course
    • Print-friendly Syllabus included
    • Online Syllabus in folders, units
    • Attendance Policy -- for both face to face and online
    • Late Policy -- for face to face attendance and late online work
    • Netiquette Statement
  4. Faculty/Staff Information:
    • Your professional/personal information
  5. Assignments:
    • Assignments categorized as Weeks, Projects, Modules, Units, or whatever organizational principle you choose 
    • Assignments/learning activities “blended”; the online and face-to-face work should be interrelated
    • Correct due dates on assignments, activities, etc.
  6. Communication:
    • Explanation of how you will communicate to students online
    • Explanation of how online communication will be assessed
  7. Assessment:
    • Explanation of assessments to students (writing assignments, quizzes, exams, etc.)
  8. Resources:
    • Links to discipline specific course resources
    • College resources