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Keep Organized

Best Practices

  1. Keep OrganizedUse a very detailed course calendar, which spells out specific target dates when assignments are to be completed.
  2. Clearly label which activities are in person and which are online.
  3. Check off your assignments as they are completed.
  4. Review the schedule weekly with students to keep up with adjustments to the schedule.
  5. Answer telephone calls and emails daily.
  6. Categorize and organize emails from students into folders.
  7. Set aside a chunk of time for managing the online portion of the course and stick to it.
  8. Review at the end of class what is to be done during the upcoming week.
  9. Several times throughout the semester, review the relevance of the in person and online assignments (the blend) -- so students understand that this work is vital to their comprehension of the topic.
  10. Compile a list of FAQ from students about the hybrid course.
  11. Think ahead and anticipate problems. Technology does not always work either in the online or face-to-face halves of the course. It is a good idea to have a "Plan B," particularly for your face-to-face classes, just in case "Plan A" doesn't work out -- for example, if Blackboard or the NOVA servers are down.
  12. Enforce deadlines for online assignments.
    • Cut off new threads after a certain grace period.
    • Shut down the discussion board on a certain date. Those who have not made contributions are blocked from participating in a thread.
  13. Record grades into the online grade book promptly for students to see after assignments are due to maintain motivation.